Prepare Your Summer Quarantine Deck

Tips to Prepare Your Summer Quarantine Deck –
Most people enjoy spending some quality time in their backyard. Especially during the warm weather in our first Summer in quarantine. But, if you enjoy doing that too, it’s good to make it a beautiful space before you relax on it. Especially, since winter tends to be harsh on the decking. Cold weather and snow cause damage to the decking. The first step in preparing the decking involves conducting an inspection.

You should then conduct other activities like:

a) Repair and inspect the deck

Inspecting the deck assures you that the decking is well. Do deck inspection when you’re about to work on it, like staining. Or when the season changes. It’s possible to carry out some deck repair yourself. But others will need professional help. Most homeowners spend about $857 to $1408 to repair the deck. But the average cost of repairing the decking is $1357.

So, what should you be looking for when inspecting your deck?

1- Deck mildew and Mold

Deck mildew and mold is less harsh than rot. But it can be a hideous problem for property owners. Luckily, there are various DIY deck cleaning solutions that remove mildew and mold. When cleaning the deck, protect it. And follow the instructions of the manufacturer.

2- Deck rot

Most homeowners fear deck rot. It destroys your deck’s structure. Especially, if you do not catch it early. Thus, regular deck inspection may help to prevent this problem before it even starts. Moisture is the main cause of rot in decks. The 1st sign of rot in your deck is discoloration. The wood then becomes soft to touch or cracks. If you notice any of these problems, contact a professional immediately.

3- Broken Boards

These pose structural hazards to everyone using the decking. If your decking has few broken boards, you can replace them yourself. But, if they are many, contact a professional to make the needed repairs.

b) Clean the deck

Even if there is no mold or mildew on your deck, it’s always good to scrub and clean it well at the start of the season. Sweep the deck and remove any debris that accumulated in winter. Continue doing this throughout the summer season.

There are 2 options of deep cleaning your deck. These include; pressure washing and hand washing. When pressure washing, do it with care because it can damage the deck. Also, you will need a cleaning solution. Pressure washing is an efficient and quick way of cleaning the deck.

When using the handwashing approach, use the scrub brush. And a combination of apple cider vinegar and water. This method is ideal for removing the lighter stains from your deck. Also, this method does not damage the deck.

c) Seal your deck

Sealing your deck at least once every year keeps it in great shape. It also prevents rot as well as other elements that might decrease your deck’s quality. The best time for sealing the deck is during the spring season. The average cost of sealing the deck is about $761.

d) Decorate Your Summer Quarantine Deck

After maintaining the deck, you should then make it look great and comfortable. This includes buying comfortable deck furniture like chairs and a table. Or, a comfortable outdoor couch and a few outdoor pillows. You can also improve your deck’s décor by adding flowers and plants in small containers.

Now, When COVID-19, finally crashed down on us, wiping away many of our ordinary routines, and when we know that based on many reasons families must stay home as much as possible, it’s time to Prepare Your Deck for The First Summer in Quarantine.

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