10 Ideas for creating a backyard mini pool


Everyone is a fan of swimming pools. Most pools need a large backyard space. But if you don’t have a large space in the backyard, a mini swimming pool will be an excellent idea. Particularly in the summer when you want some relaxing and cooling time. A mini pool will also help you to relax after a long day’s work. Spending time in a pool will help your body to loosen up. Additionally, it will help you to evade stress.

Why build a mini swimming pool?

There are several reasons for building a swimming pool in the backyard of your property. Especially if you’ve the possibilities. For instance, a pool encourages family time. A swimming pool creates a relaxing and fun space for your family and kids. This will enable you to spend time with your family without leaving your backyard. So, you will make several mutual memories while playing with them or teaching them to swim.

If your pool is well designed, it will turn the backyard into a fancy outdoor oasis. Moreover, you can add waterfalls as well as some decorations and plants at the pool. This will make the pool act an inviting and relaxing space in the backyard.

You can also use the pool area to throw parties. This is because a swimming pool is an ideal way of entertaining. Particularly during warm summer evenings and hot afternoons. Also, you can request your neighbors and friends to cover over for a barbecue or have a swim at the pool.

A pool offers you an area to exercise. Thus helping you to keep your body fit and healthy. Instead of going to the gym, you’ll be able to exercise in your swimming pool. This saves you a lot of money and lowers your chances of sustaining an injury while exercising.

Another great thing about a pool is that it increases your home’s value. This will make your property more appealing to potential buyers. Remember that building a pool is a long term investment. This is because your family and friends will be able to enjoy it for several years.

Do you now think that building a mini swimming pool in your property in California is a great idea? Well, if you’re, continue reading this article. And learn about some amazing mini swimming pool design ideas. These ideas will ensure that the pool fits in your backyard.

10 Ideas for creating a backyard mini pool

Mini swimming pool design ideas

Lap pool in Narrow spaces

If your backyard is narrows, consider building a lap swimming pool. Lap pools are ideal for doing laps. Since they’re narrow and long, lap pools do not need much space.

Put up the pool against the wall

You can also choose to build a pool that extends up to the wall. This means that you’ll only to access the pool from the remaining 3 sides. But, this is a great idea for an awkward-shaped backyard space.

Integrate the pool with the deck

If your home has a deck, consider adding a mini pool into the existing layout. Extending the deck is a simple process. Thus if there is enough space, the deck will be a perfect place to add a small pool.

10 Ideas for creating a backyard mini pool

A small indoor pool

If you’ve an unused space on the 1st floor of your house, it would be a great idea to build a small indoor pool. Planning an indoor swimming pool requires more effort and consumes more time. Thus, this option might be a less affordable option.

Customize the pool

You can customize your pool depending on your backyard’s size and shape. For instance, you can build a tiny rectangular pool that resembles a tub. When dealing with small spaces, simple shapes and designs are usually the best option.

Mood lighting your pool

Installing 2 to 3 light fixtures in your mini pool will create a special pool style. But the number of light fixtures will depend on the pool size. Mood lighting will give your backyard a fascinating appearance. You can install pool lights of various sizes, capacities, and colors.

Organic-shaped swimming pools

An organic-shaped pool creates a simple and interesting backyard design. This pool is like a small lake. Additionally, organic shapes give you a natural approach to designing a small pool.

Include interesting features

Adding interesting features to your small pool makes it stand out. For instance, you can a waterfall to your pool. This will make the entire backyard look like a gorgeous spa. Moreover, it provides a serene and relaxing atmosphere and design.

Mediterranean architecture

This is a simple to distinguish and impressive design. It involves creating a fascinating walk-in swimming pool with an elegant shape. It also includes adding water features, thus making it even more appealing. Mediterranean architecture combines sophistication and simplicity.

10 Ideas for creating a backyard mini pool

Creating a water feature

After considering every possibility, a swimming pool may not work in your backyard. If that’s the case, add a mini water feature instead. You will not be able to swim in the water feature. But it will bring some tranquility and peace to the outdoor space. Also, you’ll be able to cool off your feet by dipping them in the water feature.

Now, When COVID-19, finally crashed down on us, wiping away many of our ordinary routines and leaving us in a strange new landscape, and when we know that based on many reasons families must stay home as much as possible, it’s time to think of a Pool and Deck or pool deck design, for your first Summer holiday spending at home with the whole family.

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