Build Your Dream Deck Design

Are you thinking about building a deck in your property in California or Texas? Well, deck building is an easy, cheap and quick way of increasing the living space in your home. The process of building a deck is straightforward and you can even do-it-yourself. This will enable you to create an extra platform for entertainment and recreation. Additionally, your dream deck design will improve the appearance of your outdoor.

The best thing about a deck is that you can build them with various material types, such as metal, wood, and vinyl. You can use wood products to build domestic decks. But, commercial decks may need steel supports.

When building a more complex deck, you’ll need a contractor and a plan. Or, you can get more deck ideas from Innodez structural design and engineering. There are many different designs of building decks. Thus, you should choose a design that suits your lifestyle.

Deckbuilding materials

As we stated earlier, you can build decks with various types of materials. Some of the most used materials include;


When building an aluminum decking, install aluminum materials instead of screwing it down. You can use aluminum to make deck stairs, deck posts as well as rails. Usually, aluminum material has a PVC skin powder coating or covering. This makes it ideal to use around wet areas. Moreover, apart from seasonal cleaning, aluminum requires minimal maintenance.

Composite materials

Composite materials are 2-5 times more costly than the regular wood material. But, they’re more durable and impervious to insects and water. Various composite materials have different products. But, most materials include recycled vinyl and wood particles. Some composite products have extrusions while others are solid planks. Another benefit of composite decks is that they are available in various colors. Additionally, you can either cut, screw or nail the planks like wood planks. They’re also available in posts and railings.


Vinyl is also referred to as Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) material. Most people prefer this material because of its strength as well as lightweight. Vinyl decking has 2 layers. The exterior layer consists of pure vinyl as well as UV protection. Whereas the bulk consists of recycled vinyl.

Installing a PVC decking on the railing system is simple. Thus saving you a lot of time and labor. Its railings and posts are usually PVC reinforced with aluminum. PVC is ideal for wet areas and swimming pools. It’s also easy to clean.

Pressure-Treated wood

Wood is the most popular material used in deck building. Even decks with other decking materials use wood for the supports and frame. Due to weathering issues, traditional decks may only last for 15 years. This is because water enters into the joints and crevices. Thus promoting the process of decay.

Painting and staining might extend the deck’s life for about 10 years. But treating lumber under pressure using chemicals changes all its negative features.

Wood manufacturers suggest that you leave the deck to stand for 1 year before staining. Or even painting. This allows the chemicals to leach out of the wood’s outer parts. Thus, increasing the sealing aspects of the paints and stains.

Redwood and Cedar

Redwood and cedar are great natural woods. You can use them to build your deck. The best thing about these woods is that they need minimal treatment. They’ve natural oils that prevent decay. And repels organisms and insects that promote rot. But, you can preserve the red appearance of these woods by oiling or staining.

If you use wood products to build your deck, ensure that you clean the deck using the power washer. Additionally, stain the rails and planking after every 2 years.

Deck Designs

After a tough day’s work, there is nothing comforting like opening your patio and roaming in your deck. This enables you to catch the afternoon sun as you relax. The extra spot that links to your house becomes a very significant area in the entire world. Moreover, you can include any accessory such as the spa tub in that spot.

A domestic deck is a platform that can support various lawn chairs. Apart from kitchens, decks are the most utilized areas of a home. This usage has resulted in the production of many outdoor living accessories. Currently, there are various designs to consider when building a deck. So, let us familiarize ourselves with some of these designs.

Simple deck

The shape of a normal American deck is square. And it’s raised at least 4 inches above the level of the ground. Additionally, you use simple materials such as wood when making a simple deck. This is because wood still remains to be the most affordable building material. The position of the simple deck’s door is off the kitchen/ dining room. And it includes patio chairs and tables as well as a barbecue. Most simple decks also include some type of insect control or the bug zapper.

To build a simple deck on a framework, support pressure-treated lumber. You can support the lumber using a home attachment at the entryway. Position the 4’ by 4’ posts in concrete pads or deck blocks. Then nail down or screw the decking to the wood joists.

You can then add a railing system to this convenient design. To make the railing system, use composite or cedar materials or pressure-treated wood. If you decide to include a whirlpool or spa tub to the deck, add a wooden privacy fence.

Multi-level deck

As the name suggests, this deck can rise off the ground up to the roofline or beyond in levels. But it can also be 4 inches off your home’s main door. If this is the case, it drops to another level at the two-inch mark and then comes out at ground level.

A multi-level deck can have stairs joining 3 or 4 risers. Like in a simple deck, you can use various materials or real wood to make the railing and decking of this design.

Build Your Dream Deck Design
Build Your Dream Deck Design

Pool deck

Pool decks have defined uses. These include providing access to the pool/ pool activities. Some of these activities are; sunbathing, entertaining and swimming. There are 3 common kinds of pool decks that you can build. These include;

a) Above ground decks

These are usually wooden structures. These decks bring users to the pool rim level for convenient entrance to the pool. They might have sunbathers and a 4-inch side that are separate from the revelers. They’ve wide pathways that encircles the pool, thus increasing the entertaining space.

b) Above-the-pool decks

These are also wooden structures. When building these types of decks, raise them from the level of the pool. This allows bathers to step down into a pool. You can combine this design with a multi-level design. Especially if you want to integrate the pool area with other parts of your property.

This design provides security and privacy since you can section off the level. This prevents people from looking into the area and children from accessing it. The best materials to use around the pool are redwood, composites, and wood. But you can also use textured and powder-coated aluminum to make inroads.

c) In-ground pool decks

Unlike the other types of pool decks, in-ground decks use different materials. These materials include tiles, concrete or pavers. The benefit of this type of deck is that it doesn’t rot. Additionally, it’s simple to clean and sheds water fast. In-ground pool decks are very common in most pools.

Garden decks

You can build this decking system around the garden theme. Or, it can have an extended platform with some indentations. This enables you to examine natural flowers and shrubs with ease.

Roof decks

These types of decks date back to the Victoria times. Nowadays, these types of pools are very popular in various home styles. To build a durable roof deck, use long-lasting materials such as metal to make the roof. Also, hire an engineer to design more roof trusses that will support your roof deck.

Modern features to include in your deck design

Your deck’s design should capture the perfect combination of comfort, features, and space. But, it should also consider your property layout and lifestyle. Additionally, modern designs include indoor amenities. This brings the conveniences of your indoors to the outdoor living spaces. So, let us have a look at some of the modern features that you can include in your design.

Glass railing

Glass railing increases the safety of your deck without affecting its beautiful view. You can find tampered glass railings in various designs. These designs include a wooden frame, vinyl systems or aluminum frame. Moreover, this kind of railing allows natural lighting and an open feeling. Thus brightening up the space. When using glass railing, ensure that the railing uses tempered glass panels. And ensure that the panels meet the local building codes.

Outdoor kitchens

You can either build an outdoor kitchen for partial or full preparation on the deck. But this depends on your choice and preferences. Most homeowners design an inbuilt grill on the deck for making barbecues. Others build a complete kitchen that includes a prep station, refrigerator, and sink.

Plan your space well with convenient access to your indoor kitchen. Additionally, include adequate plumbing and power. On the flooring, choose non-slip and safe materials. This can be materials like paving stones or textured deck board.

Seamless shade

Including a shade structure in your design will enable you to use your deck more often. Additionally, it will protect you from rain showers and harmful UV sun rays. But these shade structures shouldn’t interrupt the flow or the overall design/ shape of the deck.

Overhead aspects like arbors and pergolas can result in dappled shades. But, you can also use the higher beams and posts as the base for the solid structures such as a full gazebo/ covered roof.

Inbuilt seating

Modern deck designs are sleek and clutter-free. This is a difficult thing to do in outdoor living spaces. Thus, most people depend on traditional patio furniture. But, you can instead choose to incorporate the extra or main seating with wide stairs or benches. Or, you can incorporate the seating with modern twists on typical porch swings.

Inbuilt seating will enable you to make the most use of tight spaces. Additionally, it will stamp out the need for more furniture.

Heat protection

Are you planning to add a grill space or a complete outdoor kitchen in your deck? If you are, remember that heat protection is a significant factor to consider. To do this, install a heating shield between the barbecue and wood, aluminum or vinyl siding.

You should also consider the installation of doors and windows. This will protect the grill from foot movement steams. Also, add extra support and heat protection in your deck framing and deck board. This enables you to use the grill of any shape or size.

Maintenance-free deck materials

Most traditional materials need regular maintenance to avoid decay. Instead of using such materials when building a deck, consider composite/vinyl decking. These materials only require regular washing to remove the accumulated debris and dirt.

The impact of inclement weather and UV rays can cause damage to the deck materials. This might result in extra replacement costs. Thus, invest in durable materials like treated cedar or wood, even if their initial cost is a bit higher. Also, use low maintenance materials like aluminum, vinyl/ composite wood on railing systems.

Deck Board Borders and Patterns

Deck boards provide an affordable and simple way of dressing up your modern deck. Frame areas that use a border with different deck board colors or profile. Or give the seating areas an inlaid design. These design ideas keep the surface of the deck safe and smooth. Moreover, their installation is straightforward.

Mood lighting and safety

There has been various transformation on deck lighting over the past years. Larger incandescent bulbs were quite common light traditional decks. But today, solar lighting and LEDs are the main sources of deck lighting. When designing your deck’s lighting, look at various options from your contractor.

Add lights on the surface of your decking. And also within the stairs and railings for safety. Solar lighting tends to reduce the power needed in the decking. Moreover, you can install it at any place in the yard.


These features will enable you to build a contemporary deck. A deck that will work well for your entire family. Moreover, a contemporary deck will add value to both your lifestyle and property. These features will transform any typical deck design into a modern unique design. Thus enhancing your outdoor space.

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