Upgrade Your Electrical Panels now!

Upgrading an Electrical panels is never on the priority list for most of us. A common answer for this would be they should have been upgraded when spoiled. But as your home and other things get old in the same way your Electrical panels gets old and needs to be upgraded or changed before future electrical failures. This could be done by you with all the hard work or simply ask a professional to do it for you.

At InnoDez we are there for your all-Electrical solutions. Permit requirement for Electrical panel upgrade, don’t worry our Electrical professionals will help you out. Now let us discuss why you should rely on us for this concern.

When to Upgrade Electrical Panel

Below are some signs to tell you how to identify, your electrical panel needs upgradation:

●      Smelling Electrical Panel: This is the most common reason. As soon as you notice your electrical panel is producing a foul smell like burning you must hurry up soon. No delay must be allowed in changing the panel as this is due to the wire disconnection or bad circuit breakage.

●      Flickering of the lights: Doing something important and suddenly the lights keep going in and out. This could be due to the loose internal wire or the breakage of the wire. This problem further demands an immediate change of the Electrical panel.

●      Addition of Latest Home Appliances: When you notice your electrical appliances are not working at full capacity and you planned to own new ones. This upgrading of appliances also needs attention to be given to the electrical panel. New and upgraded versions of appliances need to be upgraded electrical panel systems to give them proper support.

●      Usage of Power Strips: Having not enough outlets to connect your speakers, hairdryers, mini-fridge, etc. This means your electric panel is working in access and is providing extra energy for these electrical items which can be accommodated with an updated version of the electrical panel.

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Why Is a Permit Required?

Upgrading an electrical panel sometimes required a permit. Usually, some electrical design needs a permit to be installed from your local building office. For this, you need to apply for a permit before installation. Our team of highly skilled electrical engineers designs an electrical panel design for you and also organizes the permit for you without any delay or hindrances.

Can I Do the upgrade?

Most of you must be thinking of changing the electrical panel by yourself, but we highly don’t recommend you do so.  As it requires high knowledge and skills to upgrade an electrical panel and it also involves high risk and even threat to life. Changing and upgrading are followed by a decent electrical design. This design must be created by a professional electrical engineer.

Changing such a panel involves great risk and even danger to life. Sometimes it could be so dangerous that it can also lead to life loss. Moreover, the changing process is complicated which our team of highly skilled and qualified electrical engineers is a master at. In short, if we say this would be best to hand over this risky job in the hands of a professional electrical engineer who carefully designs the electrical panel for your home.

Working with our electrical engineer does not only reduce your risk but also saves your headache of permit. Organizing an electrical permit for your electrical design of the panel would be our job now. Our electrical engineers are so trained that they knew about the building codes of California and according to your locality, they would be upgrading your electrical panel with their best plan and design. This process will only be started after the electrical team inspects your panel and decides if that should be changed or upgraded.

Why Should I Hire an Electrical Design Consultant?

Looking for electrical panel up-gradation in California, then you are in the right place. We are here to offer you the best services in electrical. We are working with the best trained, skilled, and highly qualified electrical engineers who design electrical plans for your home.

Yes, you must be aware of the risk involved in the electrical panel so you must hire a well-trained electrical design consultant who gives you the best design for your electrical panel to be installed. They must be highly professional and must know how to replace or install the electrical panel to ensure that it should be working properly.

“We involve highly professional electrical engineers for this job to provide you with the best result and also a cost-efficient electrical design for your panel.”

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