Design and Engineering by InnoDez: Providing professional services for clients in California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. Specializing in commercial, residential, and industrial projects, InnoDez brings expertise and innovation to every endeavor

From architectural companies, private clients and property owners to developers and contractors, we offer MEP  (Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing), Structural and Civil Engineering and Design services.


We at InnoDez understand the best way to secure building permits for you. That is why we provide you with an affordable and comprehensive plan that assures safety and compliance with current codes. We believe in providing timely, competent, and cost-effective services.

InnoDez Design Engineering: Our teams, dedicated to creativity and precision, ensure each project is executed seamlessly, staying true to the original plan. Experience excellence in design and engineering with InnoDez

We design SAFE work-in and live-in spaces for you.

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Structural Engineering

Design and Engineering Excellence: Upholding Our Values in Every Project


At InnoDez, our clients’ expectations are our highest priority. We provide our Design and Engineering services using the marketplace model: happy customers are foundation of our business. Maintaining a strong relationship with our clients and providing a simple, seamless experience is as important to us as delivering fast and high-quality services.
We provide high-quality design and engineering services with project delivery on schedule and budget.


1. Quality that is affordable
2. Excellent customer service and turnaround time
3. Ability to take on a project anytime
4. Continuous and responsive communications