Mechanical engineering design is the branch of engineering that incorporates mathematical rules and engineering physics with materials science to plan, design, explore, maintain, and create mechanical systems. Mechanical engineering is the biggest and oldest branch of engineering that is used to design various parts, mechanisms, products, or structures of mechanical nature. For instance, designs of different machine components including tubes, bearings, gears, fasteners, shafts, and clutches fall into the category of mechanical engineering. In this article, we will discuss the history, functions, and branches of mechanical engineering design. 

Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Design

Mechanical engineering is the broadest branch of engineering that includes the design, construction, installation, and procedure of machinery and engines and with engineering procedures. It is chiefly concerned with movement and forces. Mechanical engineering utilizes mathematical principles, tools, and the engineering-mechanics disciplines to design the system and the features of a mechanical nature. In California, mechanical engineering is considered the signature field to design various devices of mechanical nature.

Who are Mechanical Engineers?

Mechanical engineers sometimes referred to as drafters, are the skilled professionals that are responsible to make designs for mechanical structures such as machines. Additionally, they are accountable to participate in the entire design procedure, from drafting an idea or the blueprint through the development and testing of the final product.

History of Mechanical Engineering Design

In the last part of the 18th century, the steam engine is one of the topmost inventions providing a fundamental source of power for the Industrial Revolution, presented an enormous incentive to the advancement of all types of machinery. Subsequently, another main classification of mechanical engineering design dealing with apparatuses and machines established, receiving formal acknowledgment in 1847 in the creation of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers in Birmingham, Eng.

Functions of Mechanical Engineering Design

There are four functions of mechanical engineers that are common and most significant in all the branches of mechanical engineering. These functions are completely based on the modern or the scientific approach rather than utilizing traditional methods of engineering. Here, we will discuss the four crucial functions of mechanical engineering

  1. The primary function is the understanding of mechanical science principles as well as the methods to deal with the bases of these principles. These incorporate dynamics, regarding the connection between forces and motion, for instance in vibration, automatic control mechanism, thermodynamics, dealing with the associations among the different forms of power, fluid flow, heat, lubrication, energy, heat transfer, and characteristics of materials.
  2. The next function is the series of research, plan, design, and growth. This function tries to generate the variations mandatory to meet the requirements of the present and future. It involves a clear understanding and consideration of mechanical science, a skill to analyze or explore a complex structure into its basic features, and the uniqueness to synthesize and discover.
  3. The third function is related to the manufacture of products, energy, and power that holds planning, designing, operation, procedure, and maintenance. The chief objective is to generate the maximum result with the minimum investment while enhancing the extensive viability, feasibility, and reputation of the institution.
  4. Fourth and the final function is related to the coordination of the mechanical engineer, comprising management, accessing, consulting, referring, and marketing. 

Different modes or branches of Mechanical Engineering Design

Mechanical engineering assists designers in modeling working designs for machines to carry out numerous functions. On this basis, mechanical engineering design can be classified into the following modes or branches:

  • Designing of goods-producing machines 

Mechanical engineering contributes a lot in providing standardized living in developed and prospering nations. A wide range of machine designs is invented by mechanical engineers to produce quality goods as well as to design machine equipment of advanced veracity and exigency to develop the machines.

  • Designing of power-producing machines 

The most challenging mode of mechanical engineering was the designing of power-producing machines to overcome the global power supply requirements. The first formed steam engine brought a great revolution in this field by introducing a productive source of generating power instead of old power generating sources like wind and water. Later, mechanical engineering results in the designing of steam turbines as well as huge steam boilers to increase thermal productivity and thus power. As the need for power increases, mechanical engineering shifted towards nuclear energy resources and design machines that can help to generate power from nuclear resources in a systematic standard of authenticity and advanced precautionary safety.

  • Designing of military weapons

Mechanical engineering designers like civilian operations, apply the same expertise in wars but unlike civilian operations, its purpose is to modify destructive efficiency rather than to advance innovative efficiency.

  • Designing of environmental controlling machines

The primal goal of mechanical engineering was to control the global environment by designing systems for proper irrigation and drainage of land as well as certain structures to ensure proper ventilation of mines and industries. Some simple and daily used examples of mechanical engineering are Refrigeration and air conditioning which play a vital told in the control of the human environment.


By concluding this article, the concept of mechanical engineering design has become clear. Mechanical Engineers are the skilled professionals that are responsible to make mechanical structures or devices. In California, mechanical engineering has great importance. Mechanical engineers or expert designers are hired to manufacture outstanding machinery or devices of mechanical nature.

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