Initiating a commercial design project is as exciting an endeavor as it gets. Both designers and restaurant owners want to get the ball rolling as fast as possible. Nonetheless, one thing we must understand about good commercial kitchen mechanical design is that rushing into a project is never a good decision. Therefore we must look at the challenges to be able to strategize an appropriate response before we lay our building plans.

The reason behind such an undertaking is simple, you mustn’t dive into designing something without diligent planning. A lack of proper planning is a sure-shot way of increasing the price of the overall project. The cost of human error in judgment is the paramount fear we must alleviate through proper planning & thorough execution.

Modern Engineering 

The primary task of engineers is to create a good layout for the building of kitchen. The engineers both Mechanical & Electrical must also create the engineering design and produce the blueprints for getting a building permit and construction. If you’re going to use heavy equipment then you might also need a structural engineer. In addition, you’d also need interior designers and architects to create a successful restaurant kitchen mechanical design. 

Coordinate & Cooperate Between Teams 


In the above point, we mentioned how many different types of individuals are attached to the construction process. Ergo, to make it work there needs to be complete harmony, you must coordinate & cooperate among teams to increase efficiency & effectiveness. If you make your commercial kitchen mechanical design without cross-team collaboration, then you might miss on many essential considerations.

Assessing The Available Space 

space planning

You must get your measurements accurate. This isn’t a riddle to decode, but it must be said nonetheless. In the process of creating your own restaurant kitchen mechanical design. When it comes to assessing a space in commercial kitchen design, there’s much more than to just consider the square footage. You must look into everything, from window size to electrical outlets, nothing should be left to chance.

Understanding The Kitchen Workflow

We must understand that a kitchen is a dynamic environment that is constantly evolving. Hence the workflow of the kitchen is extremely to maintain if not improve. A single dish or equipment may crisscross within the kitchen, making commercial kitchens chaotic by their very nature. Hence you must always try to understand and implement building plans in a way to better commercial kitchen mechanical design thus resulting in an improved workflow. 

Heath Codes & Building Permits 

fast food restaurant design

Before you start building anything you will need to get the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) clearance as it is an organization that is created to oversee protecting workers’ health & safety. Meanwhile, you would also require the FDA to certify your food as the agency that monitors food safety, including how to prepare, handle, and serve food. Once you’re done with those health codes, you need a building permit from relevant local authorities.

Electrical Systems

These systems are the backbone of any modern building. Lighting layout, power layout, fire suppression system layout, etc. all will be conducted by an electrical engineer. As there is a lot of interlocking of the fan, types of equipment, automation, and power, etc. hence many of the designs must be made in tandem with a mechanical engineer for great restaurant kitchen mechanical design.

Plumbing Systems

8-unit mixed-use residential building In Racine WI

As old as time itself, the plumbing system is essential for a restaurant and generally includes – plumbing, water supply management, water temperature management, sanitary and ample amounts of venting. 

HVAC Systems

HVAC Solution - Pipe plan

The design and installation of HVAC systems would include general heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning. Usually, restaurants have a large density of people seated inside them, hence HVAC becomes a paramount need. An increase in occupancy within a small space will compromise on air quality standards as suggested by the ASHRAE. Hence commercial kitchen HVAC design is a fundamental aspect of your overall project.

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