InnoDez Civil Engineering Services Are Provided by Licensed Civil Engineers with Vast Experience in Civil Engineering Design of Commercial and Residential Projects.

Our civil engineering services provide the necessary information to prepare your site for construction, utilizing thorough research, planning, and creativity. We aim to deliver high-quality, practical, and cost-effective solutions for civil engineering.

The civil engineering construction process always begins with a careful assessment of the client’s needs, schedule, budgetary concerns, and vision for the project. After these considerations are identified, we use our skills, innovative framework, and team collaboration to formulate creative solutions for all the challenges to be faced on the ground. At InnoDez we understand the importance of creating an exciting, properly designed space, based on the user’s needs and concerns as well as the nature of the site and surrounding land uses. Our goal is to give each new project a unique identity by finding the optimum balance between man-made and natural elements in addition to creating harmony between aesthetics and cost.

Our civil engineering Design services:Civil Engineering Design Services

    1. Feasibility Studies
    2. Site and Civil Engineering
    3. Subdivision Plans
    4. Grading and Drainage Design
    5. Percolation Test Plans
    6. Water, Sewer, Storm Drain and Fire Utilities Design
    7. Sediment and Erosion Control Design
    8. Retaining Wall Design
    9. Roadway and Parking Lot Design
    10. Reports: WQMP, SUSMP, SWPPP, Hydraulic
    11. Hydrology Study and Report
    12. Utility Design
    13. Topographic Surveys
    14. Street Improvements
    15. Horizontal Alignments

Site Development Planning Services

Our skilled staff is integrated into all stages of a design process from analysis and concept formation to imaginative detailing for paving, lighting, fountains, signage, furniture, retaining walls, shrubbery, trees, and small plants.

InnoDez delivers sustainable, context-sensitive solutions that meet the needs of our clients and the community.

Our planners employ an integrated, environmentally informed approach that helps create a sense of place in the overall site. The natural environment, the physical and built environment, existing vehicular and pedestrian circulation patterns, code and safety requirements and existing community interests and structure are all carefully examined in relation to each other. Existing architectural character is also investigated and evaluated, including materials, forms, articulations, and building to building and street relationships as part of our civil engineering design. Infrastructure is examined to determine its impact on the overall plan. InnoDez’s LEED-accredited engineers and planners prepare sustainable site plans that incorporate water-efficient landscaping, water-use reduction, innovative stormwater management, reduced site disturbance, and construction waste management to maximize green building potential. The integration of all these elements is what differentiates our civil engineering.

Site Development Planning

Residential Civil Engineering Development

InnoDez approaches residential development with innovative yet simple designs as part of our civil engineering services. We pride ourselves in incorporating a feeling of aesthetic design tailored for each specific client and neighborhood. We fully engage in the project and our SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) elaborately explore the possibilities of each development site as they assess the risks and create a risk mitigation plan to alleviate the effects on the environment. By evaluating floodplain areas, zoning regulations and potential traffic and environmental impacts, we are able to provide clients informed advice on the feasibility of building on a particular property.

Drawing from the full resources of the firm, InnoDez’s project teams prepare grading, paving, utility, stormwater management, erosion and sediment control plans. In addition, we coordinate permits for projects ranging from single-family developments to high-rise urban condominium complexes. Our focus on economics, marketability, and sustainability is reflected in the residential communities that we help build.

Residential Civil Engineering Development - Waste, Storm, Drainage

Commercial Civil Engineering Development

InnoDez provides a wide variety of engineering and design services for commercial developments ranging from office buildings to large regional retail and business centers. Our site engineers draw from a seamless integration of planning, zoning, permitting, utility, engineering, and environmental expertise to help clients develop buildings and campuses that are both sustainable neighbors and well-designed facilities.

Commercial development is an essential financial necessity that brings people together. InnoDez’s commercial building and campus projects integrate strong design principals with economics, sustainability and marketability to facilitated business-related activities to buy, sell, work, provide a service or be entertained.

Commercial Civil Engineering Development - Waste, Storm, Drainage

Site and Civil Engineering

InnoDez provides efficient, cost-effective planning and civil engineering services to develop sites that meet our client’s specific functional, aesthetic and environmental goals. A collaborative work of our SME’s closely with landscape architects, geotechnical and environmental engineers, environmental scientists, traffic engineers, and surveyors will ensure that all requirements of owners, architects, contractors, and institutional and government agencies fully comply.

From a small building addition to a major expansion, here at InnoDez, we conduct feasibility studies while preparing conceptual and final civil engineering designs. Our final goal is to produce construction documents as we shepherd each project through the local permitting and regulatory processes. Our LEED- and ISI Envision-accredited engineers and planners prepare sustainable site plans that incorporate water-efficient landscaping, water use reduction, innovative stormwater management, reduced site disturbance, and construction waste management to maximize green building potential.

Site & Civil Engineering Development

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