Why people like Modern Architecture


The basics of modern architecture tend to be simple and clean. Its enduring philosophy accepts the model that form accompanies function. Thus, modern architects articulate themselves through clear views and simplicity of structural components. And by avoiding unnecessary details to their design. Additionally, modern architecture exhibits the actual construction materials and structure. They also cover up these buildings with elegant designs. For this reason, most modern designs comprise of glass, wood, and steel elements. Thus, exhibiting these modern structural materials.

Modern architecture is ideal for everyone. This article will help you understand why most people like modern architectural designs.

Definition of modern architecture

In the architecture world, some people intermingle the terms, contemporary and modern. This results in a little confusion. This leaves some people asking: is modern architecture like contemporary architecture? Well, the answer can be both no and yes. the term contemporary, literary means now. But modern refers to engineering and technological developments. These developments have been taking place since the beginning of the Twentieth Century.

In simpler terms, modern architecture concentrates more on materials. This might include materials like glass, steel, and concrete. Contemporary architecture may also use similar elements. But its designs are rethought, new and include forward-thinking. With that in mind, the 2 designs will always mingle and mix with each other.

We define modern design by minimalist interiors and clean lines. This enables the structure to take the center-stage and express itself.

The main difference between contemporary and modern home architecture

The terms ‘contemporary’ and ‘modern’ architecture describe various home designs. Moreover, most homeowners and real estate agents often use these terms interchangeably. Yet, they mean 2 different things.

The word ’modern’ refers to a distinctive home architectural style. This took place between the early 1900s and the 1950s. Modern architecture does not change since it is a defined style. Thus, it will always remain modern.

But Contemporary architecture refers to the ‘design of the moment’. This design is difficult to define since it is ever-changing. This enables contemporary designs to match the currently popular design. Also, previous designs tend to influence contemporary architecture. Homes designed with contemporary architecture are forward-thinking and innovative. But, they are more complex as compared to their modern design counterparts. Although this design does not refer to a certain period, they gained traction in 1970.

Even though these designs are different, contemporary designs can include features of modern architecture. Thus, making it difficult to figure out the differences between these 2 designs at first.

Modern architecture is unique

Modern architecture has a simple style that evades extra fluff. Yet it remains unique. Currently, modern architects are creating unique designs. Some modern designs might have a boxy style and flat roofs. Yet, they still look amazing. Some features of these designs include vaulted ceilings and unusual linear elements. As well as exposed structural components. Thus, resulting in an artistic and unique design.

The tasteful palette in Modern design

When adorning a modern house, avoid hiding the amazing details of the design. You can achieve this by avoiding a lot of ornamentation. As we stated before, a modern design should express itself. This is through their functionality and structure.

So, the home’s interior decors should be clean, natural, and simple. Moreover, you can incorporate the furnishing elements of wood and steel. Keeping everything simple allows the construction materials and design to take the center-stage.

But this does not mean that you cannot add character or pops of color to modern design. It should be in a way that enhances the architecture instead of taking away from it.

Warmth in a modern home

Most critics of modern architecture claim that this design is cold and cool. But you can argue the opposite. The elements of most modern designs such as stone and wood are inviting and warm. Other features like large windows allow natural lighting. Floor-ceiling stone fireplaces also add more warmth to the amazing wonderful features.

The pattern of modern architecture may be clean, uncluttered, and linear. But they have warmth. Additionally, most modern designs have fewer walls. Thus, creating a more inviting, open living area.

Modern and traditional architecture blend well together

Both modern and traditional design can co-exist. Combining elements of modern and traditional architecture works well. Especially if it is done with a little restraint. You can find many examples of the prosperous combination of these 2 designs. For instance, you can combine modern structural elements with clear shingles. This will create a unique and beautiful home.


As you have seen, modern designs are warm, inviting, and unique. They also have open creations that enhance structural beauty. Additionally, you can combine modern design and traditional elements. Thus, allowing you to use both designs. These are some of the main reasons why most people like modern architecture.

We hope that this article will inspire you to design the modern house of your dreams. You can also research your area’s local architects and find out if they can assist you in design modern home. For instance, if you live in California, you can contact Innodez design and engineering.

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