Why a professional in your team is necessary when planning for building your house?

When planning for building a house it is important who you assign to create the design. Although seem too obvious hiring a professional architect is an issue of great importance which in many cases, unjustifiably is compromised. Why a professional when planning? A professional will ensure a flawless, code-compliant design.

Why a professional is necessary?

An architect will listen to client requirements and interpret the provided information to technical specifications and create an aesthetic and technically sustainable design.

Energy efficiency and sustainability is a global issue of concern. A professional architect is competent to utilize the data from zoning requirements, site characteristics and neighborhood traditions to make the design energy efficient. Few design tweaks such as windows orientation to face east and receive more sunlight will greatly reduce your energy bills.

Even in the construction industry, technology is changing at a very fast rate, having a professional architect at your side, ensures that you will have all the benefits of the new technology and product developments, incorporated in your design. for kitchen, bathroom, and other comfort features.

Having a professional in your team. It is not just for the planning and design phase. A professional architect will ensure drafting a comprehensive construction document package which in turn will result in a smooth permitting phase process passing. The competent architect will help you in employing the right GC and provide you the needed construction management service. Finally a professional in your team can prepare the as-built documentation for future reference.


These are just a few reasons which make sense to hire a professional architect to handle your construction project. When deciding who to hire, be cautious of unrealistically low or fast proposals – An estimate too much lower than the market estimate should definitely be looked into. Don’t be afraid to ask about quotes too far above or below your original plan.

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