Here at Innodez, we know that each client has its own architecture design requirements, therefore we discuss with them to better understand their needs and offer the best possible architecture design service.   We believe that each space design, no matter residential or commercial design must provide comfort and convenience.

Space planning is the most essential step in the interior design processes. Generally, people don’t know what is, most of them assume that all what interior designers do is selecting furniture and finishes. But Interior designers organizes the space, functions and furnishings to work together to most effectively accommodate the needs of the client and his visitors.

What should be Considered When Planning Your Space?

Space planning is different for residential buildings and different for commercial buildings. In this example we will explain the benefits for an organization.

To create the best space planning we as architects must understand the goals of the organization. 

Should the new design increase the employee engagement, or the environment must promote collaborative spaces? Space planning can represent and support these long-term goals with a suitably designed interior environment.

Another important thing is how time will be spent in the environment. Employees might sit at their desk all day; they might work and collaborate in large groups or perhaps have a work style that falls somewhere between. Most office environments will need to accommodate these possibilities in one way or another.

For the space to be ergonomically friendly for employees, we as architects should focus on designing the space and carefully selecting the furniture. The right space plan will stimulate productivity and health. For example, eliminating waste cans at each station and offering one central trash/recycle station will get employees up and walking, if even for short period of time.

Why Does Space Planning Matter?

Businesses use space planning techniques to become more efficient and increase productivity.  More efficiency in a space leads to higher productivity and greater employee satisfaction. Employee satisfaction can lead to better, more innovative work which benefits an organization as a whole.

For more information about how space planning and interior design can benefit your organization, call Innodez at (424) 414-0997  or email.

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