HVAC Design and Cultivation

Ideating, designing, and building stellar cannabis-growing facilities while getting every aspect right is no small feat. For most licensed cannabis producers achieving growth at scale is the final frontier for which getting grow room HVAC design right is critical! 


Cannabis production is a cutthroat industry with a hectic pace of growth and a hyper-competitive business environment. Hence to survive, companies need to adopt a doctrine of perpetual innovation! 

The ROI of Smart Grow Room HVAC Design

The Return on Investment that you can generate if you bet on the right grow room HVAC design is unparalleled. Not only will you be able to cultivate more produce, but you’ll also be able to strategize your future course of action based on valuable data generated. 

What You Should Keep In Mind About Commercial Grow Room Indoor Cultivation HVAC Design

The inner-working of a commercial grow room’s indoor cultivation HVAC design is a complicated affair. Why is that, may you ask? The answer is simple, as many different aspects need attention. These different aspects need to work individually and in tandem with other salient features. For example, the grow room must compensate for the heat that is generated by the lights. 

Now we understand that it is not a cost-efficient process. But a single room of marijuana crop will be worth enough that you will find it quite easy to get a hefty ROI on your initial investments with a single harvest. 

One fundamental aspect of creating a great “grow room” is that you must keep experimenting. This experimentation must be conducted with different types of lights, the likes of LED, this needs to be done to be worth the effort & investment you make during the initial stage. Doing all this will ultimately in the end help you save a great deal on both cost & energy in the long run. 

How Does A Large-Scale Grow Room Setup Work? 

When we talk about large-scale setups they are a little different than smaller operations due to their size. The extra number of rooms along with many other factors to consider make them very different. 

Having a large number of different rooms in your grow room HVAC design enables you to keep your crops within one premise throughout their lifecycle stages. That means you will never again have to wait for a growing season. 

In a large-scale grow operation each room will need its separate air conditioning or a majority of them. These rooms will also need coordinated humidity, while airflow balance will be tougher as you have multiple rooms to take care of. 

Top 3 Challenges of Grow Room HVAC Design?

As a business, you need to find a stellar HVAC design and development company that truly understands the needs & requirements of your business. We at InnoDez understand your pain points, and hence we have listed here the top three challenges of grow room HVAC design:

#1 Lighting 

Setting up their own grow room translates into needing to get a crash course in commercial lighting for many. If you don’t know how to calculate & track CFM or what a BTU calculator is, now is about the right time to figure it out! These plants can be finicky, and they have specific lighting needs that should be met on the off chance that you need them to thrive. 

Your lighting will straightforwardly affect the temperature in each room of your development office, and with lights like high-pressure sodium lights that are fit for putting out more than 4,800 BTUs of warmth, you generally risk annihilating your yield if you don’t get the light and air balance perfectly.

#2 Temperature

Marijuana plants need a continuous and steady climate temperature to be maintained. This ideal temperature is within the range of 70° and 75°. If your cannabis cultivation HVAC design is any hotter or colder than it needs to be, then you’re going to have serious issues. The good thing is that with advances in climate control technology, keeping track and maintaining temperatures has become extremely easy. 

The most recent cooling frameworks are shrewd machines that can be controlled remotely, and they have sensors that will immediately tell you by email when something isn’t right. These are high-proficiency units, and you can hope to pay twofold for them, however, any individual who has lost a yield because of an AC disappointment can check they merit each penny. 

#3 Humidity

Maryjane plants need high mugginess when they are in the developing stage. In a gigantic development operation, your grow room HVAC design with a wide range of rooms, you will have a few harvests that are in that development stage all year. 

This is another region where your HVAC framework is everything because most of the time you will have to keep a moistness level of roughly 50-60%, contingent upon the stage your plants are in. Allowing your stickiness to get too high will spell debacle, since this makes ideal conditions for the development of shape that will annihilate your yields, alongside your benefits.

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