Mechanical, electrical and Plumbing (MEP) engineering design is an integral part of any operational structure, including residential buildings. For that reason, it’s important for contractors, building owners, and contractors to work with MEP engineers in the design phase of any renovation or construction project. This will help to minimize the

Multi-family buildings include various residential projects such as senior living, condominiums, apartments, assisted living, student housing, or a combination. Residents of these living spaces have discerning tastes as they want a sense of home, community spaces, and great amenities. For instance, modern multifamily houses include facilities like security systems, fitness

In recent years, mixed-use and multifamily developments are becoming more prevalent throughout the country. This trend offers a glimpse into the future of residential building design and represents the changing needs of most homebuyers.  As a developer or property owner, managing a mixed-use and multifamily building involves more than providing

Hospitality facilities like resorts and hotels contain various spaces such as guest rooms, swimming pools, lobby, central kitchen, restaurant, and SPA among others. To ensure that the facility meets the functional intent, each of these spaces must have specific Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) systems. In addition, MEP design for

Structural Design for a 12-Unit Mixed Use New Development at Rebecca St., Pomona, CA

InnoDez provided structural design and engineering for a new 12-unit mixed-use development in Rebecca St., Pomona, CA. We have completed 80% of the project and plans are under city plan check now. This project was a 12-unit residential project with a garage serving those units at the ground floor, single