During any residential and commercial construction project, ensuring the proper strength, stability, and rigidity of a structure is of the utmost importance. InnoDez specializes in providing structural design services. We make sure to assist development of a structure that’s capable of resisting all applied loads. we’ll work closely with you to ensure your new structure is built with the utmost strength, stability, rigidity, and flexibility to accommodate future expansion or changes in use.
Our structural design services include ground-up commercial, tenant improvement, custom homes, multi-family buildings, remodels, additions, seismic retrofits, load bearing wall removals, structural evaluations and more.


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Structural Engineering Plan
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Commercial Structural Engineering Services
Structural design engineering
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restaurant civil design services
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Floor Plan Architecture
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apartment building architecture design
apartment building architecture design
Commercial Structural Engineering Services

InnoDez Core Structural Engineering ServicesOur core structural design services include:

  1. Structural design
  2. Design for high wind and seismic environments
  3. Peer review and value design
  4. Forensic design and structural investigations
  5. Building remodeling
  6. Blast resistant design
  7. 3D visualization
  8. Building information modeling (BIM)
  9. Steel detailing

Structural Design & Engineering Services


Our team of designers specializes in inspecting the building’s physical integrity by checking its structural stability. This, in turn, indicates where certain equipment can be placed or where underground plumbing systems can be routed. Our aim is to redesign structures in order to make them more responsive to evolving demands – whether for tall buildings or for distinctive designs, such as one of the largest timber structures ever built.

Our projects are particularly valuable and special because we listen carefully to our clients in order to make sure that all their objectives are fully accomplished. We aim to meet the needs of all the occupants of the buildings we are working on, in addition to delivering structures that are safe, sustainable and cost-effective.

The main focus of our structural design services is on efficiency and affordability. We implement our past experience and knowledge of structural solutions and construction materials, to provide our clients with cost-effective and high-quality results.

We make it our mission to plan ahead for the various uses of the building throughout its entire life cycle, and deliver flexible solutions regarding the adaptation of the building to future needs. The final result: an optimized building structure and maximized property value.

Our talented and experienced designers are equipped with the most advanced design tools available for structural design. We are adamant to constantly explore new design methods, as well as innovative materials, in order to provide the most professional design services the industry has to offer.

Adding Value to Structural Design

We aim to maintain continuous and careful communication with all our clients to ensure that their ideas have been taken on board and the completed buildings are safe, sustainable and affordable. Efficiency and affordability are at the core of all our projects. We plan ahead for the multiple and various uses of a building, thus delivering flexible solutions that allow every structure to properly adapt to future needs. All in all, our structural design services will deliver optimized buildings at a higher property value.

Sustainable Structures

Sustainability is key in today’s construction world. Our clients demand attractive yet flexible buildings that will ensure their investment can have maximal returns. Our comprehensive approach takes into consideration the whole life-cycle of the building, from the earliest design stages, through construction, operation, and finally, demolition.

Structural Design Services for Residential Projects

  • Design for custom home remodeling
  • Deck and patio addition blueprints
  • Second or third story addition floor plans
  • Kitchen remodel designs
  • Sunroom additions for natural sunlight and extra space
  • Extra room addition designs
  • Remodeling or addition special permits
  • Earthquake retrofitting, or seismic retrofitting design
  • Load bearing wall removal
  • Foundation design


We support homeowners with structural design to upgrade their homes so that they meet urban building codes for any planned repairs, renovations or ground upbuilds.

A seismic retrofit is a serious part of structural improvements that will keep a building and its residents secure from the effects of an earthquake.

Structural Engineering Services for Residential Projects
Foundation Structural Engineering

Foundation Structural Design

Regardless of the location or age of your building, it is the foundation that determines its strength and sustainability. The foundation is the base of your building. Foundations are however vulnerable to cracks and damages, due to a variety of reasons, including wear, tears, and deficient soil conditions.

Our structural design services can provide a foundation evaluation. Our design team is able to prepare plans to repair and strengthen foundations physically, which will, in turn, result in an increased monetary investment.

What is the importance of the foundation?

  • Transfer the weight of the building to the soil
  • Anchor your building against wind and earthquake forces
  • Protect your building against deficient soil conditions
  • Protect your building against ground moistness

Tenant Improvement Services

If you want to remodel your commercial establishment or make an addition to the space to maximize your business’s opportunities for growth, our structural design team in California, Texas, Florida, and Georgia can come to your assistance.

Our designers and draftsmen have vast experience in different types of tenant improvement projects for retail stores, office spaces, warehouses and more. Our services can benefit both large companies as well as small retailers. Our Tenant Improvement services range from office partitions, installation of walls, floor coverings and any other development necessary to customize your space.

Tenant Improvement Structure
Seismic Retrofit Engineering

Seismic Retrofit Design

A seismic retrofit consists of structural improvements on a building that will help protect it and its residents from the effects of an earthquake.

Earthquake retrofitting involves reinforcing a building so that it is less likely to be damaged during an earthquake.

We can help you upgrade your building so that it complies with building codes, thus keeping families, employees, and customers safe when a natural disaster occurs.

Permits and Approvals

Obtaining a building permit is one of the most challenging phases of the design process of a project. This process sometimes delays your aimed development to months or even years. Our structural design services in California, Texas, Florida, and Georgia will help you streamline the permitting process by reducing the number of revision cycles and delivering a code-compliant and detailed set of drawings.

Part of our job is to respond to possible building department officials’ feedback, and update the design as required. We will make your vision survive the building department’s inquiry through a strong collaboration between the designers.

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Structural Design Process

The structural design process involves analyzing design drawings, checking code requirements, and designing the structural elements and components that will come together during the construction phase. The first part is acquiring the site information and specifications to set up parameters for the design. The next part is studying the structural principles, design codes, and specifications for the type of structure to be built.

The analysis of the structure can be conducted through commercial software, while the calibration of digital models is still best performed through hand calculations. This model can determine the bending moment diagrams, shear force, normal stress, shear stress, deflections and other required performance characteristics of the structure. Once these statistics are obtained, the design of the elements can begin. This entails determining what materials are to be used, in addition to the shapes and sizes of the elements. Other design criteria can also be determined at this point. This process can be any building or project as part of our structural design services in California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, and across the States.

 STEP 1 – Analyzing

Analyzing the architectural drawings

In this phase, our structural designers work on architectural plans. They start by carefully analyzing the issued plans in order to find any possible issues that may affect the structural integrity of the building.

STEP 2 – Checking

Checking code requirements

We make sure that everything complies with the local building code standards, in order to prevent difficulties with the building department’s approval. All structural components are to be designed in accordance with all applicable codes set out by construction officials.

STEP 3 – Collecting

Collecting loading parameters to be applied to the structure

Site-specific wind and snow loading parameters are collected and used in the loading analysis.

STEP 4 – Laying out

Laying out of the preliminary structural framing configurations

We will prepare the preliminary structural frame layouts, ready for analysis and design. We will inform the architectural team of any possible changes to their floor plans.

 STEP 5 – Analyzing

Analyzing and designing of the structural elements

This step includes running the analysis and design calculations based on the preliminary structural frame layouts with all the specified loads applied and keeping in mind the building code standards during the design process.

STEP 6 – Foundation

Iteration of the analysis and design process until both cost and safety are optimized.

Where the initial analysis and design result can be further optimized, we repeat steps from number 3 and modify the structural section sizes until the element design is the same in the two following iterations. Our aim is to achieve the most affordable yet secure structure. This iterative process is repeated until the element design is the same in the two following iterations.


Structural Plan and Detail Drawing

Where the initial analysis and design result can be further optimized, we repeat the steps from number 3 and modify the structural section sizes until the element design is the same in the two following iterations. Our aim is to achieve the most affordable and secure structure. This iterative process is repeated until the element design is the same in the two following iterations.