Architectural Drafting

INNODEZ SPECIALIZES IN ARCHITECTURAL DRAFTING FOR RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL PROJECTS ACROSS THE STATES. We bring your vision to life by designing buildings and facilities that meet state standards and compliance regulations. Our designers will collaborate with you on each phase of the design process. Our designers listen to your needs and translate that knowledge into functional, appealingly pleasing and sustainable solutions. We possess a broad range of skills and are fully committed to design excellence. We specialize in delivering 3D modeling, design, and visualization support for new built, retrofits, refurbishment and renovation projects. We provide inspiring places to live and work. We create warm and appealing modern buildings at all scales, from custom homes to creative office spaces to multi-family housing and urban infill. Our approach to design goes beyond the logistical and mechanical elements, to create a building that is inspirational to its users and in accord with its cultural background and natural atmospheres. Our design team is dedicated to providing our clients with the best services possible.

Luxury House

Structural Design Service

INNODEZ SPECIALIZES IN PROVIDING STRUCTURAL DESIGN SERVICES THROUGH OUR TEAM OF STRUCTURAL DESIGNERS. OUR STRUCTURAL DESIGN SERVICES INCLUDE DESIGN FOR GROUND-UP COMMERCIAL, TENANT IMPROVEMENT, CUSTOM HOMES, MULTI-FAMILY BUILDINGS, REMODELS, ADDITIONS, SEISMIC RETROFITS, LOAD BEARING WALL REMOVALS, STRUCTURAL EVALUATIONS AND MORE, PLACING US AS ONE OF THE TOP DESIGN FIRMS IN CALIFORNIA AND TEXAS. Our team of designers specializes in inspecting the building’s physical integrity by checking its structural stability. This, in turn, indicates where certain equipment can be placed or where underground plumbing systems can be routed. Our aim is to redesign structures in order to make them more responsive to evolving demands – whether for tall buildings or for distinctive designs, such as one of the largest timber structures ever built. Our projects are particularly valuable and special because we listen carefully to our clients in order to make sure that all their objectives are fully accomplished. We aim to meet the needs of all the occupants of the buildings we are working on, in addition to delivering structures that are safe, sustainable and cost-effective.

Structure Concrete

Civil Design Services

InnoDez Civil Design Services Are Provided by professional designers with Vast Experience in Civil Design of Commercial and Residential Projects. Our civil design services provide the necessary information to prepare your site for construction, utilizing thorough research, planning, and creativity. We aim to deliver high-quality, practical, and cost-effective solutions for civil work. The civil design process always begins with a careful assessment of the client’s needs, schedule, budgetary concerns, and vision for the project. After these considerations are identified, we use our skills, innovative framework, and team collaboration to formulate creative solutions for all the challenges to be faced on the ground. At InnoDez we understand the importance of creating an exciting, properly designed space, based on the user’s needs and concerns as well as the nature of the site and surrounding land uses. Our goal is to give each new project a unique identity by finding the optimum balance between man-made and natural elements in addition to creating harmony between aesthetics and cost.

Civil Engineering

MEP Design

Our MEP services include an essential part of the building design process that aims to provide safe and workable structures for the owners and residents of said building. The Mechanical part involves heating, cooling, and ventilation. The electrical part includes every power provider such as outlets of the structure, while the Plumbing division is focused on water delivery and drainage of wastewater. MEP design should always be developed with the utmost accuracy and attention to detail. We work as a unified team with dedicated professionals handling your project to ensure its successful completion. Our quality MEP designers help you save time and money during the permit phase. A proper MEP design can result in fewer plan checks, comments or revisions required by the city.


Interior Design Service

At InnoDez we provide a wide range of creative and attractive interior design services in California and Texas, including both residential interior design services as well as commercial interior design solutions. Our recent success levels are a result of great long-term relationships between our staff and our partners. In addition, the high motivation, experience, and professionalism of our team are what challenge us to think out of the box and provide ingenious solutions for our clients. Our attention to detail and construction background enables us to develop first-class interior design services, that harmoniously implement functionality with aesthetics. Our commercial and residential interior designs are unique and developed to reflect our Client’s/Operator’s vision and needs. We concentrate on creating experiential and functional spaces, with the intended user’s lifestyle and preferences in mind. Our designs reflect an understanding of commercial and budgetary restraints, sustainability goals while highlighting the importance of coordination. Our interior design services are reflected in Retails, Hospitality & recreation (malls and shopping centers, department stores, specialty stores, showrooms, hotels, resorts, cafes, bars, and restaurants).