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Refrigeration Service Edmonton

IHC Mechanical is a company with over 15 years of experience in constructing and maintaining simple and complex building systems. We offer services for a wide range of customers (from managers to building owners). The Company is a family-owned company with unsurpassed respect in the technology and industrial refrigeration field in Edmonton. 

Our services are specialized to suit whatever your needs may be. Our expert staff with premier experience will tend to your equipment to ensure its smooth running.

Our Refrigeration Services

At IHC Mechanical, we are into the installation, repair, and maintenance services. As a company and as a team with our customers, we work to provide innovative solutions and quality work. Here are reviews of services we offer:

Industrial Refrigeration

  • Ammonia, HFC, HCFC, and CO2
  • Installation
  • Service and Maintenance
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Design and Engineering
  • Commissioning
  • Custom Fabricated Packaged Skids
  • PSM
  • Parts
  • Auto CAD (PI&D'S, Block Flow, Whole system, and 3D)

Our Refrigeration Services are not limited to these; we also offer unexplored Refrigeration Systems, Pack Refrigeration Systems, Cellar Rooms, Cold Rooms, Ice Machines, Chillers, Cold Storage, and Convenience and Retail Cooling.

We are endowed with top-level staff duly accredited, skilled, and equipped with all the ultimate knowledge needed for a perfect job. Our staff/technicians are trained to do engineering design, maintenance, installation, and 24/7 service delivery. We provide professional solutions with quality service. And everything that has to do with refrigeration installation, repair, and maintenance is done at affordable rates and with revolutionary equipment in place.

Our refrigeration services cover any industry and recognize the need for innovation, cost-effectiveness, quality, and efficiency. It is our ideal responsibility to take all of this into cognizance while working on delivering every service.

Why Should You Choose Us?

A second to none service delivery is a necessity. When it's cost-effective, it's a blessing. This is why you should choose us. We combine our mechanical repairs expertise with our unbeaten customer service and cost-effective charges to deliver absolute efficiency.

“What's a job or service delivery when it doesn't bring in satisfaction”? That's the question that drives us to excellent and top-of-the-line job deliveries. We are the foremost providers of supreme Refrigeration service in Edmonton. We've got your best interest at heart and the best solutions for your refrigerator problems at hand. Indeed, our expertise and perfect customer service make us one of the finest refrigeration and equipment maintenance companies.

It is common knowledge that refrigeration Services are a principal consumer need for commercial or domestic needs; Fridges, refrigerators, freezers, and other cooling systems are necessary for homes and businesses as they serve vital functions.

Having a company that can cater to your refrigeration needs and measures energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness plus quality service and the greatest customer service is definitely an indication of how much expertise and value the Company can boast of. Be it equipment maintenance, installation, or repair; we have got you all the time.

IHC Mechanical has evolved to become a leading refrigeration service and maintenance Company in Edmonton over time. Contact IHC Mechanical for comprehensive equipment maintenance at 780.462.9875.

Refrigeration Service Edmonton

IHC Mechanical

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Refrigeration Service Edmonton

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