Structural Engineering for New Mix-Use Development at 2nd St, Pomona, CA

InnoDez provided structural design and engineering for a new mix use development in 247 S. Rebecca St, Pomona, CA.

We completed 80% of the project and the plans are in city plan check now.

This project was a 18 units residential project with two story garage serving those units at the ground and first floors. Single unit area varied from 845 SF to 1208 SF. Total project area exceeded 43,000 SF (exactly 43,125 SF).

Project challenges were as follows:

      • Structural system

Project’s structural system was timber framing over two story steel podium, with Reinforced concrete walls for the lateral system.

      • Weak soil capacity

With a bearing capacity 2,000 psf and 4 stories building, it was challenging to figure out the best foundation system to support the building and avoid additional cost as well. For this building, we used mixed system between Mat foundations and Slab on grades.

      • Roof 6’-0” overhangs from the roof parapet

With such requirement to work on a parapet with overhangs more than 6’-0”, and not to add additional cost to the building, it was challenging to use wood framing. But following client’s requirements we succeeded to figure out the proper structural system to work on such requirement.

      • Project timeline

With multiple challenges and due to the market situation, we had to deliver the project ASAP. This project time line was really challenging, but finally we succeeded meeting client’s requirement by delivering the project in less than 60 days.

Structural Engineering Mixed Use Pomona

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