Santa Cruz La Reina Fresh Market MEP Engineering and Title 24 Compliance


La Reina Fresh Market, located at 1204 Mission St, Santa Cruz, California, sought to renovate and upgrade their existing store. The project aimed to replace existing equipment and shelving, introduce new finishes throughout the building, install new walk-in coolers, add floor sinks, ensure ADA compliance for the bathrooms, and install a new office at the front of the building. The owners enlisted the services of InnoDez, a prominent MEP engineering and Title 24 compliance firm, to fulfill their project requirements.

Project Overview:


InnoDez faced several challenges when taking on the La Reina Fresh Market project. The primary challenge was the absence of as-built MEP plans for the existing structure. These plans were essential for creating accurate and compliant MEP engineering designs. InnoDez needed to establish a detailed understanding of the existing infrastructure and layout to ensure that the new installations would integrate seamlessly.

Project Execution:

  1. Site Assessment: InnoDez’s team initiated the project with a thorough site assessment. They collaborated closely with the project architect to gather as much information as possible about the existing MEP systems. This involved discussions with store management, and a review of any available documentation.
  2. Design and Compliance: With the architectural plans in hand, InnoDez began the MEP engineering design. They developed comprehensive MEP plans that included electrical, plumbing, and mechanical systems, ensuring that all components complied with Title 24 energy efficiency requirements and other relevant codes.

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  1. Collaboration: InnoDez maintained open and transparent communication with the project architect and other stakeholders throughout the design process. This collaboration was essential to address any discrepancies and integrate the new MEP designs seamlessly with the existing structure.
  2. City Comments: Once the MEP plans were complete, InnoDez took on the responsibility of addressing the city’s comments and ensuring that the design satisfied all requirements. They made the necessary revisions and provided any additional documentation requested by the city for a smooth approval process.
  3. Efficient Execution: Despite the challenges posed by the lack of as-built MEP plans, InnoDez successfully completed the MEP engineering and Title 24 compliance work within two weeks. Their efficient work allowed the La Reina Fresh Market renovation to progress according to the established timeline.


The successful outcome of the La Reina Fresh Market project can be attributed to the combined efforts of InnoDez as the engineering company and the project architect. Their collaborative approach was instrumental in addressing the challenges presented by the lack of as-built MEP plans. Together, they meticulously assessed the existing site, exchanged valuable insights, and worked closely to ensure the seamless integration of the new MEP designs with the building’s infrastructure.

InnoDez’s diligent efforts, effective collaboration with the architect, and their expertise in MEP engineering design and Title 24 compliance resulted in a successful renovation project for La Reina Fresh Market. The upgraded store now features a modern layout with improved equipment, accessibility, and energy-efficient systems that meet all city and state regulations. The project’s completion in a timely manner, a testament to the combined expertise of InnoDez and the architect, contributed to the overall satisfaction of the client and the success of La Reina Fresh Market’s renovation.


The La Reina Fresh Market project illustrates InnoDez’s ability to overcome challenges and deliver comprehensive MEP engineering design and Title 24 compliance services. Their commitment to quality, collaboration, and timely project execution played a pivotal role in the successful transformation of the store, enhancing its functionality and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.

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