Modular Container Layout-3D View Framing
Project Description:

Modular Container LayoutModular Container Temporary SFR: A devastating wildfire on November 8, 2018, struck Butte County, California and shortly later hit the town of Paradise.
Through a comprehensive disaster alleviation measure, InnoDez received a request for providing temporary housing solutions for victims of fire torn in California.
The goal of this project was, to assist families who lost their homes because of natural disasters.

The design was supposed to cover the following issues:
– Durable structure
– Shortest amount of time to build
– Easy Hook-Up and installation
– Fit to different family size
Modular Container Layout arrangement



InnoDez team started to work on different solutions, and finally,
found out the converted shipping container will be the best solution for such conditions.
Our team designed a container modular home that connects and provides one, two and three bedrooms.

Modular Container Temporary SFR – Challenges:

– Convince the city to approve and issue a permit for a converted shipping container,
we met several times the city and provide them with exclusive reasons and finally convinced them.
– Designing a unit which can cover different family size.


Modular housing decreases construction time almost to half and the overall expenses by 10 to 20 percent. A small crew of moderately skilled workers can deliver the construction task in a climate-controlled installation rather than utilizing about 22 separate trades of professions that contribute to conventional home construction, using the same building codes and standards. These structures are manufactured in modules or small parts, which are delivered and mounted at the final construction site. Modular construction is gaining popularity as a potential answer to housing shortage and soaring housing and construction expenses. There are two main branches in this trade; Permanent versus Relocatable Buildings. (Read More)

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