Building Kidz PreSchool Child Care MEP Engineering Design Hayward

MEP Engineering and Title 24 Energy Calcs for Building Kidz Childcare and PreSchool Buildings in Hayward, CA

Transforming Two Building Kidz Childcare and Pre-School Buildings with Innovative MEP Design and Title 24 Energy Calculations

Building Kidz

Introduction: InnoDez Engineering Company recently undertook a remarkable project, providing MEP Design and Title 24 Energy Calculations for Tenant Improvements at Two Building Kidz Child Care and Pre-School in Hayward, CA. This case study highlights our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for our clients.

Client’s Challenge: Two Building Kidz sought to enhance the functionality and energy efficiency of their child care and pre-school facilities in Hayward. They were keen on creating an environment that not only prioritized the well-being of the children but also aligned with modern energy standards.

InnoDez Solution:

MEP Design Excellence: Our team at InnoDez leveraged their expertise in Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) design to optimize the layout and systems within the buildings. The goal was to create a comfortable and secure space for the children, ensuring a seamless integration of MEP components.

Title 24 Energy Calculations: Recognizing the importance of sustainability, we conducted thorough Title 24 Energy Calculations. This involved assessing the energy performance of the buildings and implementing measures to enhance efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and lower operational costs.

Customized Approach: InnoDez took a tailored approach, understanding the unique requirements of a child care facility. This involved designing HVAC systems that ensured optimal indoor air quality, implementing energy-efficient lighting solutions, and incorporating plumbing systems that prioritized water conservation.

MEP Engineering Design Pre School Childcare Hayward


Enhanced Comfort: The MEP design improvements contributed to a more comfortable and secure environment for both children and staff, fostering a positive learning atmosphere.

Energy Efficiency: Title 24 Energy Calculations led to the implementation of energy-efficient measures, resulting in reduced energy consumption and long-term cost savings for Two Building Kidz.

Sustainability Achieved: Our integrated approach not only met but exceeded sustainability goals, aligning the facilities with modern environmental standards.

Conclusion: InnoDez Engineering Company’s MEP Design and Title 24 Energy Calculations successfully revitalized Two Building Kidz Child Care and Pre-School in Hayward. This case study showcases our dedication to innovative solutions that prioritize client needs, sustainability, and the well-being of the end-users.

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