MEP Engineering for New Mixed-Use Development in New Britain, CT


The Westmain St Mixed-Use Residential and Retail Complex project, located in New Britain, Connecticut, involves the development of a modern building that combines residential apartments with commercial retail spaces. The project aims to create a dynamic structure with a footprint of 14,500 square feet, featuring four floors of residential apartments, totaling approximately 48 units, and six retail spaces on the ground floor. InnoDez, a prominent MEP engineering and energy compliance firm, played a crucial role in ensuring the project’s success.

Project Overview:

  • Building Type: Mixed-Use Residential Apartment Building with Commercial Retail Component
  • Project Address: Westmain St, New Britain, CT
  • Description: The project includes a concrete podium at the basement level to accommodate building back-of-house spaces and resident parking. The podium will support four floors of residential apartments and six retail spaces on the ground floor. The first floor includes six retail spaces and six residential apartments with a residential entry lobby and building manager’s office. Floors two to four feature double-loaded corridors with a mix of one-bedroom and two-bedroom units, with a total of 15 apartments per floor.

MEP Design for Mixed-Use Building

InnoDez’s Role:

InnoDez’s impressive expertise in MEP and structural engineering for mixed-use buildings and apartments positioned them as the ideal choice for the Westmain St project. Their role in the schematic design phase includes:

Conceptual MEP Systems:

In the schematic design phase, InnoDez collaborates closely with the project team to conceptualize the most suitable MEP systems for the common areas of the building. This entails developing the initial plans for the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems, ensuring they align with the project’s architectural vision.

Benefits of the Schematic Design Phase:

  • Early Assessment: In this phase, InnoDez assesses the feasibility of various MEP systems, taking into account the unique requirements of mixed-use spaces.
  • Cost Efficiency: Early planning minimizes potential design changes and helps maintain cost efficiency throughout the project.
  • Integration: InnoDez ensures that MEP systems seamlessly integrate with the building’s architectural design to create a harmonious and efficient environment for residents and retailers.


As the Westmain St Mixed-Use Residential and Retail Complex project progresses through the schematic design phase, InnoDez’s involvement sets the foundation for a dynamic and efficient structure. Their early conceptualization of MEP systems ensures that the project aligns with the vision of creating a modern and vibrant environment where residential comfort and commercial functionality coexist seamlessly.

InnoDez‘s commitment to delivering MEP engineering and energy compliance solutions that cater to the distinct needs of mixed-use developments is showcased in their work on this project. As it moves forward, the Westmain St Mixed-Use Residential and Retail Complex, with InnoDez’s guidance, is poised to become a valuable addition to the New Britain community, offering a contemporary living experience paired with vibrant commercial opportunities. This accolade-winning project underscores InnoDez’s excellence in delivering innovative solutions to complex engineering challenges.

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