3030 N Central Ave Phoenix AZ Building MEP Engineering

MEP Engineering and Energy Compliance for a 15-Story Tower in Phoenix, AZ


InnoDez Engineering embarked on a comprehensive MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) Engineering and Energy Compliance project for a 15-story tower located at 3030 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012. The project aimed to renovate the existing shell suites into functional office spaces while ensuring energy efficiency and compliance with local regulations.

15 Story Tower Phoenix AZ Building MEP Engineering

Client Background

The client, a landlord overseeing the tower, sought to repurpose vacant shell suites into two modern office spaces. Their vision was to create contemporary, energy-efficient workplaces that would attract potential tenants.

Project Scope

The project scope encompassed, but not limited to the below:

  1. Renovation of existing shell suites into new office spaces.
  2. Modification of existing mechanical distribution systems.
  3. Installation of new sinks and power/data outlets throughout the premises.
  4. Implementation of new LED 2×4 light fixtures for enhanced energy efficiency.


  1. Working with existing infrastructure: The project required careful integration with the building’s existing mechanical units and ceiling grid, presenting challenges in adapting the new MEP systems to the pre-existing framework.
  2. Energy Compliance: Adhering to local energy codes and regulations while ensuring optimal energy performance posed a significant challenge. InnoDez Engineering had to devise solutions that not only met regulatory requirements but also maximized energy efficiency.

MEP Engineering High Rise Building


  1. Comprehensive Assessment: InnoDez Engineering conducted a thorough assessment of the existing infrastructure to identify areas for improvement and determine the most effective strategies for MEP design and energy compliance.
  2. Collaborative Design: Collaborating closely with the client and other stakeholders, the engineering team developed detailed design plans tailored to meet the client’s requirements while adhering to energy regulations.
  3. Innovative Solutions: InnoDez Engineering proposed innovative solutions such as energy-efficient LED lighting and optimized mechanical distribution systems to minimize energy consumption while ensuring occupant comfort and functionality.


  1. Seamless Execution: The implementation phase involved coordinated efforts to execute the MEP design and energy compliance strategies seamlessly. InnoDez Engineering closely monitored the progress to ensure quality and efficiency throughout the construction process.
  2. Integration with Construction Activities: InnoDez Engineering collaborated with the construction team to integrate MEP installations with other construction activities, minimizing disruptions and optimizing project timelines.


  1. Enhanced Energy Efficiency: By incorporating energy-efficient lighting fixtures and optimized mechanical systems, the renovated office spaces achieved significant improvements in energy efficiency, resulting in reduced operational costs for the client.
  2. Compliance with Regulations: InnoDez Engineering ensured full compliance with local energy codes and regulations, providing the client with peace of mind and mitigating any potential legal risks.
  3. Modern, Functional Workspaces: The renovated office spaces surpassed the client’s expectations, offering modern amenities, improved functionality, and a comfortable working environment, thereby enhancing the tower’s appeal to potential tenants.


InnoDez Engineering successfully executed the MEP Engineering and Energy Compliance project for the 15-story tower in Phoenix, transforming vacant shell suites into vibrant, energy-efficient office spaces. By leveraging innovative design solutions and close collaboration with the client, the project achieved its objectives of enhancing energy efficiency, ensuring regulatory compliance, and delivering modern, functional workplaces tailored to the client’s vision.

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