MEP Design for Office TI

MEP Design and Title 24 for 5,900 SF SD Home Buyer Office TI in San Diego

InnoDez provided MEP Design and Title 24 Report for San Diego Home Buyer office tenant improvement.

Location: 7580 Trade St. San Diego, CA 92121

Size: 5,900 SF

Two Rooftop units with an economizer have been installed at roof, Ventilation rate has been calculated based on the CMC 2019 Table 402.1. Supply ducts were provided at ceiling with a maximum duct size of 16 inches.

All bathrooms have been provided with an exhaust fan with louver at roof.

HAP has been performed to calculate the cooling and heating loads, equipment has been selected based on Carrier Datasheet.

Water Supply has been provided based on Table 604.1 from the CPC to verify the size of the main pipe and the water meter size.

The rooftop units were gas heating and electric cooling, gas pipes were schedule 40, gas isometric has been done.

Lighting fixtures were selected based on the RCP provided by the client.

Three panels have been selected with a total  power of 1200 A.

MEP Design for Office Tenant Improvement

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