Office MEP Structural Engineering Florida

MEP and Structural Engineering Services for AM Cards Office in Lake Mary, FL

Client Overview: AM Cards, a dynamic financial services company, envisioned a new office space in Lake Mary, FL (32746) to enhance its operational capacity. InnoDez, a leading engineering firm specializing in commercial, residential, and industrial projects, was chosen to provide comprehensive MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) and Structural Engineering services for the construction of a two-story office building spanning 7,000 square feet.

Project Scope:

  1. Location: Lake Mary, FL (32746)
  2. Building Size: 7,000 SF, Two-Story Office

Collaboration with MJS Designers Group: InnoDez collaborated closely with MJS Designers Group (mjsdesignersgroup.com), a prominent architectural and design firm, throughout the project. The synergy between the two firms facilitated seamless integration of engineering and design elements, ensuring a cohesive and efficient construction process.

Project Timeline:

  1. MEP Engineering: Completed in One Week
  2. Structural Engineering: Completed in Two Weeks

MEP Engineering – Rapid and Efficient Solutions: InnoDez’s MEP engineering team swiftly executed a comprehensive plan to address the unique requirements of AM Cards’ office space. The one-week timeline was met through a combination of advanced planning, state-of-the-art design tools, and the team’s collective expertise. The MEP systems were tailored to optimize energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and long-term sustainability. The scope included HVAC, electrical, and plumbing systems, all designed to seamlessly integrate with the architectural vision outlined by MJS Designers Group.

Structural Engineering – Ensuring Stability and Durability: The structural engineering phase, completed in two weeks, focused on providing a robust and resilient framework for the two-story office building. InnoDez engineers utilized cutting-edge software and industry best practices to deliver a structural design that not only met local building codes and standards but also exceeded the expectations for durability and safety. The structural system was carefully coordinated with the architectural and MEP elements to create a harmonious and functional space.

Challenges Overcome: During the project, InnoDez encountered several challenges typical of a fast-track construction schedule. The collaborative approach with MJS Designers Group allowed for prompt problem-solving and adjustments, ensuring that the project remained on schedule without compromising on quality.

Results and Client Satisfaction: InnoDez successfully delivered MEP and Structural Engineering services within the specified timelines, exceeding the client’s expectations. The AM Cards office in Lake Mary, FL, stands as a testament to the seamless integration of architectural, engineering, and design elements, creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing workspace.

Conclusion: InnoDez’s commitment to excellence, efficient project management, and collaborative spirit with MJS Designers Group played a pivotal role in the successful completion of the AM Cards office in Lake Mary, FL. This project showcases the firm’s ability to deliver high-quality engineering solutions within tight timelines, ensuring client satisfaction and the realization of a vision for a state-of-the-art commercial space.

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