InnoDez Elevates Vial Florence Plaza with Expert MEP and Structural Engineering, San Jose, CA


InnoDez, the leader in MEP and Structural Engineering services, successfully delivered transformative solutions for the construction of Vial Florence Plaza in San Jose, CA. This 6,500 SF commercial plaza project involved demolishing an existing building and erecting a new one-story structure.

Client’s Challenge

The client envisioned a modern commercial space that demanded the removal of the outdated structure. The challenge was to seamlessly demolish and reconstruct a one-story plaza while ensuring optimal MEP and Structural Engineering integration.

InnoDez’s Approach

InnoDez executed a comprehensive plan encompassing MEP and Structural Engineering to meet the project’s unique demands. The key aspects of the project included:

  1. Efficient MEP Systems: InnoDez designed and implemented advanced MEP systems for Vial Florence Plaza, enhancing energy efficiency and functionality.
  2. Structural Engineering Excellence: Rigorous structural engineering ensured the new building’s stability and resilience, meeting all safety and compliance standards.
  3. Demolition and Construction: The expert team at InnoDez efficiently demolished the existing structure and seamlessly constructed the one-story commercial plaza, adhering to project timelines.


InnoDez’s integrated approach resulted in the successful creation of Vial Florence Plaza, a modern commercial space that exceeded client expectations. The advanced MEP systems and robust structural engineering contribute to the longevity and functionality of the 6,500 SF building.

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