HVAC Design for First United Methodist Church of Palo Alto, CA


InnoDez Design and Engineering undertook a collaborative venture with the First United Methodist Church of Palo Alto, located at 625 Hamilton Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94301, with a shared goal of addressing heating and ventilation challenges, particularly during the summer. The primary obstacle we encountered was the absence of detailed information about the existing HVAC system, necessitating a thorough on-site assessment and close collaboration with the church administration and engineers. This case study unravels the intricacies of our HVAC design process, highlighting our commitment to crafting efficient and comfortable indoor spaces tailored to the unique needs of the church.

Palo Alto Church HVAC Design


Understanding the Existing Situation: One of the primary challenges encountered was the lack of detailed information about the church’s current HVAC system. This necessitated extensive site visits and collaboration with the church administration and engineers to gather crucial data for our analysis.

Project Overview:

  1. Spatial Understanding through CAD Redrawing: To comprehend the building’s layout, we initiated the project by redrawing the architectural plans on CAD. This step was instrumental in calculating the square footage of each room and partition, laying the foundation for the subsequent HVAC design.
  2. Cooling Load Calculation with Insulation Scenarios: Meticulous calculations were conducted to determine the cooling load required, considering various insulation scenarios for the building envelope. This allowed us to optimize energy efficiency and comfort within the church.
  3. HVAC System Selection: Based on the cooling load calculations and insulation scenarios, we meticulously selected HVAC systems that aligned with the church’s specific needs. Our considerations included energy efficiency, capacity, and compatibility.
  4. Detailed Bill of Materials: We developed a comprehensive Bill of Materials (BOM) outlining the necessary materials for insulation and the chosen HVAC system for each scenario. This document served as a roadmap for procurement and installation, ensuring a systematic approach.
  5. Cost Estimation: Our team provided the church with an average pricing analysis for insulation and HVAC system remodeling, inclusive of material costs and installation expenses. This empowered the client to make informed decisions based on their budget constraints.
Palo Alto Church HVAC Engineering


InnoDez successfully delivered a holistic HVAC design solution tailored to the unique needs of the First United Methodist Church of Palo Alto. The comprehensive approach, including spatial analysis, cooling load calculations, system selection, detailed BOMs, and cost estimations, ensured that the church could make informed decisions for a more efficient and comfortable indoor environment.

This case study showcases InnoDez’s expertise in MEP design and engineering, particularly in addressing complex HVAC challenges for religious institutions. The successful completion of this project not only improved the church’s thermal comfort but also demonstrated InnoDez’s commitment to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions in the field of building services engineering.

Palo Alto Church MEP Engineering


HVAC Design Palo Alto Church Building


We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the First United Methodist Church administration and engineers for their collaboration and assistance throughout this project. Their dedication and commitment to improving the church’s facilities played a crucial role in the success of this endeavor.

InnoDez Design and Engineering would also like to acknowledge the hard work and expertise of our engineers who tirelessly worked to deliver innovative and sustainable solutions. Together, we have transformed the HVAC infrastructure of the First United Methodist Church of Palo Alto, enhancing both energy efficiency and overall comfort.

Palo Alto Church MEP Design

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