Engineered HVAC Thermal-Loads Analysis Studies – Grainger Industrial Supply Project

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InnoDez recently completed a contract with Grainger Industrial Supply and Lennox for HVAC Thermal Load Analysis and related studies at Nineteen (19) Grainger locations throughout the US. These locations ranged from the Northeast in New York to Kansas City in the Midwest, to the South in the states of Georgia and Florida. Multiple climate types and building types were a part of these studies.

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InnoDez representatives conducted site surveys at each site to help in the research of these studies. These sites ranged in smaller outlet and supply stores, call centers, to full warehouse and distribution centers. The focus on these studies was to provide final analysis of the heating and cooling systems and the operating systems at the specified sites. We recommend replacement units, efficient units, and or modification of existing equipment and size of units to have an efficient use in the spaces that were provided in each building and or location. The HVAC packaged systems were to be sized to run as-long-as possible to address the current actual loads and minimize oversizing of the packaged unit (and associated “short cycling”) that can be detrimental to the energy use, comfort, indoor air quality, building and equipment durability. All of the studies and research and recommendations were in accordance with recommended ASHRAE commercial requirements and standards. The overall analysis was done by Elite software that sets the standard for excellence and ease-of-use in the industry.

At the end of the research and conducted site visits, InnoDez made recommendations to provide new HVAC tonnage needed, based on actual load vs current load. InnoDez addressed any ductwork or diffuser modifications needed to the existing space conditions.  Theses recommendations were provided with cover letters to each specific site with a detailed report and analysis of new equipment and overall load calculations.

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InnoDez has completed and coordinated the entire scope of work on this project for submittal to the  clients at Lennox/Grainger to meet their future efficiency requirements for their facilities as outlined in the proposed reports and letters pertaining to individual sites.

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