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Project Description:
This project involved a Civil design set of activities for an Adult Day Care on a sloped lot with the stormwater path in close vicinity.
Diligent professional engineering and calculation were needed to mitigate the stormwater effect on the lot and create the conceptual design and the full design package ensuring robust and sustainable outcome and projects success.
The complete design set was provided to the client. The client has received a Permit for construction activities.

InnoDez studied the existing site and soil conditions and completed a full civil package plan set and configurations.
We worked closely with our client to develop a design that satisfies his requirements.

Civil Design – Challenges:
The main challenge encountered in this project was the sloped lot condition which introduced constraints in the building design; in addition, another major issue to mitigate was the stormwater path exiting in the vicinity of the lot. Much detailed planning was done to accommodate all client requests and requirements and make the best use of the spaces and land

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