The restaurant industry has seen too much fluctuation in the business in past years. Opening and shutting of the business were noticed as common. The restaurant business is directly based on the food it delivers on the table or in the parcels. Hence the quality of the food is dependent on the design of its Kitchen. If the kitchen is hygienic, stylish, and laden with all the stylish stuff it requires, will directly grow the quality and the working efficiency of the employees.

This new generation of modern men who are opting for the takeaway or the delivering services, also the restaurants need to match them with their speed and provide services accordingly. To match this change a stylish And Modern Commercial Kitchen Design is a must for the industry. A stylish and Modern Kitchen Design on the T.V shows must have fascinated most of us because it has all the features which a stylish and Modern Kitchen requires. The Kitchen is divided into various sections including- cooking area, a Dishwashing area, stylish and cool utensils with proper placement, A Modern Commercial Kitchen Design must-have stylish equipment as well, whether electrical or manual.

Benefits Of The Stylish And Modern Kitchen Design:

The kitchen is the playground of the chefs where they can play in their own way by cooking. A Modern Commercial Kitchen Design will help them to create their stuff and enjoy the experience of cooking there. Well at Innodez we contract you to set up your stylish and Modern commercial kitchen comprising the following benefits:

  • Cooking is now much easier and simple by having a stylish and Modern Kitchen Design.
  • Easy access to the stuff in the Kitchen.
  • While cooking space matters a lot as it is hard to manage things while cooking and this design gives you a proper space setup.
  • A well-equipped kitchen that has all the stylish machines and appliances to improve work efficiency.
  • Food is now safe as it will be easy now to store the food properly with all new setup of new machines according to temperature requirement of the food.
  • Improves food quality
  • Increase in food quantity
  • Management now easy
  • Cost-efficient

Architectural Design:

A modish restaurant requires a modish kitchen which should be well planned in every aspect. When it is about the design of the kitchen it must be spacious which not only resembles the look of the restaurant but also allows the employees to be more productive. The kitchen must be well ventilated,energy-efficient, and the size should not be too large or too small.

Innodez commits to assign a skilled team of Architects in resuming the same concept for your Commercial Kitchen Design.

Commercial Kitchen Design

Models for Commercial Kitchen:

Kitchen models are based on how you want the mobility of your kitchen staff which is directly based on the menu of the restaurant. The menu is the hidden aspect in designing the Kitchen, it will only decide what equipment should be placed where and how to manage the storage area. A kitchen design that minimizes the delays and in which kitchen staff can work hassle-free without interrupting each other is best suited for a commercial Kitchen.

Assembly line:

This model is for kitchens with small menus. IT is designed for the flow in one cooking line which is useful for the restaurants committing fast services or the takeaways like Pizzerias and sandwich shops.

Zonal design:

This model divides the kitchen into zones. In this model, food preparation stations are separated into areas for example- the creation of separate food-washing, cutting, and sauté stations can be done.

Island design:

In this model of the commercial kitchen, the main workspace is separated from other areas and is constructed in the middle of the kitchen where cooking can be done while other preparation can be done in the other areas. This is further affected by the equipment in the kitchen which decides the proper arrangements.

Ergonomic Design:

This model is used to limit the mobility of the chef while cooking-for example-ovens, refrigerators are placed near the fryer which the chef will be using while cooking.

Team’s Collaboration On The Plan:

Designing a stylish and modern commercial kitchen does not only involve architectural skills but mechanical, plumbing, and Electrical skills are further required to execute the successful launch of the plan of action of the kitchen which must be modern and stylish.

An architect team will also collaborate with the team of engineers of the various fields may it be- mechanical, plumbing, or electrical, In the kitchen also all these aspects are looked after to avoid any kind of mistake in the making of the commercial kitchen.

Innodez’s MEP(mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) team incorporates with the interior designers to make your commercial kitchen a beautiful experience and work accordingly to set a well-equipped Kitchen where staff can really enjoy cooking hassle-free and be more efficient.

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Our team of engineers ensures you cost-efficient Designing for your stylish and modern commercial kitchen.

Call us to get started on the designing of your stylish, Modern, and yet stylish commercial kitchen. Our team of experienced engineers can give what you want from your commercial kitchen for the growth of your business in the industry.

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