How To Maximize Space in Your Home

The area inside your home will be limited to some degree no matter how much you maneuver and arrange things. But there are some tricks that you can use, and even special accessories that you can get to help us free up space in your home. If you ate interested in learning how to maximize space in your home, we have outlined a few ideas in this article to help you!

Maximizing Space in Home – Make Space in Your Laundry Room

Fighting with space trying to dry laundry throughout the cold winter months? Contemplating buying a new tumble dryer for your home, but worried that you may not have enough space to fit it in your laundry room? Well, the good news is that there are some steps that you can take to make use of the room you have without having to take up more space.

One of the most beneficial approaches to saving space when it comes to adding a tumble dryer to your washroom is to stack the dryer on top of your washing machine. The best and easiest way to accomplish this is by using a stacking kit.

Universal stacking kits are a fast and easy solution that is very effective and simple to install. It allows you to ensure safety and security while preventing possible injuries that could have occurred from not having a secure unit.

The majority of available stacking kits that you will find are suitable for use with standard-sized appliances. (60cm by 60cm) However, it is highly recommended to check the dimensions of your washer before purchasing.

The Wpro Universal Stacking Kit is available with a convenient slide-out shelf. This helps you to easily unload your laundry from your washing machine and get it into your tumble dryer with very little effort.

You can also make use of pocket over the door organizers, which are great for keeping laundry detergent, unmatched socks, and other odds and ends in. These cost very little money and come in handy when things start getting cluttered in your laundry room, bathroom, or closet.

Maximizing Space in Home – Making Space in Your Kitchen

A common problem in kitchens across the world is not having enough counter space for all of your appliances, spices, utensil sets, potholders, etc. If you are having this problem in your home, don’t forget that you can free up some additional room by hanging shelves and/or wall racks on the walls. Wall racks or shelves will help you to get some of the load off of your counters and free up space that you can use for other things.

There’s a very large chance that, like many homeowners, you regularly struggle for space in your fridge. Depending on how big your household is, you may find yourself having to struggle for space when you get back from grocery trips. In situations like this, instead of fighting to cram everything into the fridge or move everything around to try to make space for everything, consider trying a universal wine rack shelf.

wine rack shelves

This will allow you to store your wine bottles separately, without having to take up valuable shelf space that you could use for other groceries.

There are a ton of different styles and types of wine rack shelves available for your fridge. Some of the best that we’ve noticed is the Electrolux Universal Bottle and Wine Rack. This model simply slides onto the existing shelving in your refrigerator and holds up to three bottles of wine to get them out of the way and keep them cool without taking up unneeded space.

If you need a wine rack that holds more than 3 bottles, consider the Samsung Universal Wine Rack. This model slides under the existing fridge shelves but it can hold up to four bottles.

You can also free up space in your kitchen by mounting your microwave on the wall instead of having it sitting on one of your counters. Wellco’s Microwave oven wall bracket done a great job of getting your microwave out of the way. It comes with simple installation instructions and supports up to 20 kg. This makes it not only suitable for microwaves but other small kitchen appliances that you might need to mount out of the way to free up more room.

Maximizing Space in Home – Make Space in the Living Room

In a day and age where large television sets are getting more and more common, finding just the right TV to match your living room decor can sometimes be difficult. It can also be hard to find the perfect TV to accommodate your needs without taking up too much space. If you are concerned about the space that you have available and how you fit your choice of TVs in it and still be comfortable, TV mounted wall brackets may be the answer for you.  These are great space savers, and they will support 25 to 60-inch televisions with no problem. This will allow you free up space and add a contemporary look to your living room suit at the same time.

With the right amount of careful planning and by using some simple space-saving accessories, you can make the most out of space available in your house and free up a ton of room for other things. We hope that this article helps out!

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