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Do you love planting? Why not use your hobby to earn? Yeah, it is possible by constructing a Greenhouse for cultivation which can help you to earn well. Nowadays everyone is concerned about the natural intake of food. Now commercialize your love for planting and add it to your income.

The science behind Greenhouse:

The greenhouse is a building where vegetables are grown by providing them with a sufficient amount of heat, humidity, water, sunlight even if the vegetable is out of the season. Cultivation of such veggies can be done whether they require a certain amount of temp or season by artificially creating it in the greenhouse.

Now you can grow any vegetable or plant despite any season. May it be any month, may it be too snowy, you can grow your plants inside your greenhouse any time.

“Still not sure to invest in Greenhouse, here are some points to brief you on this brilliant idea” 

Grow Anytime:

Green house

  Now you don’t have to worry about the season. Greenhouse gives you a longer growing season. It ensures a more controlled climate and temperature for your plants. Whether the planting season has started or gone this won’t risk your plans. Greenhouses can make cultivation possible even months and weeks longer.

Protects Your Plants From Weather:

By using a greenhouse, your plant gets safety from the brutal weather conditions outside. As mentioned above, these models protect the plants from unconditional weather, like a too-hot day or too cold or snowy day.

Even the strong wind blows and the high beam of the sun are unable to destroy your plants under Greenhouse protection.

Plant according To Your Choice:

Wanna grow plants that are not native to your region’s conditions? Now you don’t have to worry.

GreenHouse offers humidity and temperature according to the plant’s needs which you, yourself can control. It provides consistent insulation which helps plants to grow despite the weather outside. 

Now you can opt for the exotic veggies without thinking of the conditions they need to grow. If you know the conditions Greenhouse provides you with ideal cultivation.

Keep Your Plants Pest-Free: 

As above, the greenhouse further offers you another benefit of preventing your cultivation from pests and animals. Being an enclosed structure, plants inside the greenhouse are safe from pest attacks, animal raids, and birds stealing your produce.

Greenhouse Cultivation Is customizable:

Constructing Innodez’s design of Greenhouse you get a different and amazing gardening experience and solutions. You can customize your greenhouse whenever you want according to your need.

How to build your Greenhouse:

Green house

Curious to know how to start constructing your greenhouse? What do you need, how to execute?

Don’t worry we are more than happy to help you out. By choosing Innodez Cannabis Cultivation Services, you are getting rid of each and every challenge and risk, as we love to take risks on the behalf of our customers to provide them best results.

Our team of MEP (mechanical, electrical, and plumbing) engineers will join you in the initial stages of planning and constructing your greenhouse. A proper plan of action would be executed and discussed. And the respective engineers will provide you with the best outcome possible.

Our Engineers On The Plan:

Creating a greenhouse requires many technical aspects such as mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. Our teams of experienced engineers are professional on the take and are able to design greenhouses without any folly.

Our team of engineers works with you to construct a greenhouse that best suits your ideas in creating a unique structure of the greenhouse which can give you a high yield and help in running your business sustainably.

Inputs Of MEP Team:

Our MEP engineers give more sustainability to your Greenhouse. As there are many aspects to be kept in the planning the greenhouse such as-

Energy efficient


Properly ventilated

Solar collectors

HVAC system

Conserving water usage

Proper water supply

Mechanical: Greenhouse emits some gases which can be dangerous for your plantation, our team of Mechanical engineers set the proper HVAC system (heat, ventilation and air conditioning) which further controls the gasses and provide proper ventilation to the greenhouse to enrich your production.

Also, this team involves proper energy consumption and allows the greenhouse to be more energy producer by setting up the solar panels


Electrical engineers use their experience to produce and store the source of energy, which can further be used. They focus on renewable energy use and its consumption from the greenhouse.

Artificial lighting, air conditioning, ventilation are being looked at by electrical engineers to make your greenhouse more energy-efficient.


The plumbing team works on the gutter and the water solutions for the greenhouse.

Proper water supply and the water conservation unit are being installed by the team.

ALL the teams work in collaboration to successively execute the plan for constructing a greenhouse that produces high yield, energy-efficient, high tech, loaded with all the modern machines to support any crop production uninterruptedly.

We provide best cost-efficient plans and designs for greenhouses. Our experienced team will design the greenhouse according to your requirements. We ensure to move the plan in the right direction from the start by providing drawings and footprints of the plan of action to be executed by our team.

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