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Let us help you move forward with your cannabis dispensary design in California, Texas and across the US. Our expert team of designers will be able to establish your brand through our ingenious dispensary services.


Dispensary DesignAt InnoDez we specialize in dispensary interior design in California, Texas and all over the US. Our work ethic and framework are based on creating comprehensive dispensary solutions for any type of space you might have. In addition, our dispensary services aim to deliver full brand unique identities that are then transformed into beautiful retail environments. The final result: an engaging, impactful and memorable customer experience when they visit the dispensary.

Our dispensary services at InnoDez combine together proficiency and creative customer experiences in the field of cannabis retail.

Our team of experienced cannabis dispensary design professionals will bring your concept to life and capture your brand’s personality, inside and out. In addition to creating visual concepts and developing designs, we offer space planning, lighting fixtures, furniture and display designs, all while keeping practicality and the clients’ budgets in mind. Our portfolio of work in the dispensary interior design sector includes new designs, remodeling as well as complete facelifts.

There is a complex decision-making process to go through when dealing with cannabis dispensary design. The aim of the entire process is for the project to be successful and the clients to remain utterly satisfied! Our advantage in this process is the knowledge and expertise of our team of designers. They work hand in hand to figure out all the “ins and outs” of a space and create the most profitable cannabis dispensary design solutions for you. Our goal is to get things moving along quickly and efficiently so no time or money is ever spent unnecessarily.

Concept and Interior Design

Signage Placement

Our team of experienced retail design professionals will bring your concept to life and capture your brand personality, inside and out. In addition to creating vision concepts and developing designs, we offer space planning, light, furniture and display designs, all while keeping practicality and budgets in mind. From new designs, remodeling or a complete facelift, we can help.

Design and Drafting

Architecture and Design Services for Dispensaries

Cannabis dispensary design is one of our major fields of work, where we provide design  solutions for projects of all sizes, footprints and location types, including medical and recreational cannabis dispensaries. Additionally, our services include design of electrical systems, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and plumbing needs as part of our full dispensary services.

Brand Identity & Graphic Design

Dispensary Branding and Identity Design

A special feature that we offer is also assistance with brand positioning, development, and generation of a design that is unique to your concept. This includes naming, logo design, and design standards for your application across the store, whether in print or online.

Natural State Healthcare Dispensary, AR

One of the most noteworthy dispensary interior design projects has been the Natural State Healthcare Dispensary, AR where we also developed the external envelope of the structure.

It features a modern and contemporary style based on a natural theme to bring the environment closer to the design. The main two colors included in the concept are green and purple where green evokes the atmosphere of nature while purple adds joy and positivity as an overall feeling. Our aim was to have the building emit a healthy feeling through every detail. Screen lists that display product prices are also spread throughout the interior to make the area more informative. Lastly, the furniture layout has been carefully placed to keep customers interested in staying inside the store for as long as they can.

Why to Choose Us?

Dispensary Design

At InnoDez, we are dedicated to providing high-quality design services with project delivery on schedule and within budget. We guarantee:

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  4. Ability to take on a project at anytime
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