Structural Engineering for a 5,500 SF Single Family House and ADU in Hayward, CA

InnoDez provided Structural Engineering for a new Single-Family Home and ADU unit which is located on hillside. The house consists of 3 stories, parking garage, 6 rooms, 7 bathrooms, swimming pool, living room, family room, office, dining room. Project location: 2375 Rainbow Court, Hayward, CA 94542 Size: 1,000 SF Pool,

Condos and apartments tend to have unique cooling and heating needs. However, meeting these needs to provide comfort to the tenants may end up costing you too much money. That's why you should consider implementing an HVAC design for multifamily residential buildings that work for your property.  Specifically, you should

Commercial kitchen ventilation design has been a challenge to MEP design engineers for years. Part of the design challenge occurs due to the fact most MEP engineers are not ‘kitchen consultants’ All in all, significant coordination is needed to make sure that the restaurant ventilation is integrated with the activities