Introduction In general, constructions sites involve various construction and earth-disturbing activities. This increases their chance of generating stormwater pollutants and sediments. As stormwater flows over construction sites, it accumulates sediments, chemicals, and debris. These sediments are eventually discharged into the nearby water bodies. This can affect the water quality, especially

Low-impact development (LID) features minimize burden, maximize operationality, and reduce demands on public infrastructure.  LID civil engineering addresses the site development step of the building process. In essence, it means producing a design and construction sequence that will have the least effect on the existing landscape. Generally, conventional methods have

A design and development project can be residential, commercial, or governmental, but only one thing makes it happen, civil engineering! As it is the branch of engineering that takes into focus all the aspects of the designing, development, and building of infrastructure. While conducting your civil engineering tasks, you’ll need