Bakery and snack production environments rely on air handling units to distribute the cooled and heated air throughout the building. Moreover, the equipment can impact the workplace environment.  More importantly, the equipment within food production facilities requires proper maintenance & cleaning. Neglecting to maintain or clean air handlers in these

When you’re on a mission to create a great indoor setup for cultivating cannabis, one of the critical decisions to make is choosing the lights to use. It is a fundamental understanding that lighting is the most important aspect of your growing operations. Hence figuring out the lighting for cannabis

Full-Service Design and Engineering for Indoor Cultivation Facility TI

InnoDez, provided full-service Design and Engineering for an Indoor Cultivation Facility TI in 1655 Cota Ave, Long Beach, CA 90813. The building area is 6,000 SF. We first completed the Schematic Design and then, got client’s approval Through several coordination meetings which resulted in improving the design in the best

In an advanced and progressively packed industry such as cannabis, it can be challenging to distinguish your identity. With millions of different dispensaries out there, it is a critical concern to have a sharp and attractive logo along with a good website. The most ideal approach to set yourself distinguishable