The term mixed-use building refers to the structure which combines itself for various purposes under a single roof. To make it clearer, suppose a building has a hotel, garage, parking, Movie theatres, shopping sites, office, restaurants, etc under one roof.

Similarly, apartments are the space for a living. Generally, they are part of a large building where access to another floor or apartment must be restricted.

Nowadays mixed-use buildings are common around us to which we have access and are a part of our daily life. Construction of such buildings requires high skills and a trained team of MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) engineers to ensure a perfect plan and its execution.

Role of MEP In Construction and HVAC Industry:

Relying on the various fields of Engineering HVAC (Heat, Ventilation, Air-conditioning) systems is a sub-field of mechanical engineering. HVAC is the most important element for residential, commercial, and mixed-use buildings. The size of the duct, proper ventilation, condensing units, heat convertors all depends on the HVAC system.

MEP term in construction refers to the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing aspects which are mainly used for commercial buildings and mixed-use buildings. An MEP engineer assigns himself for planning, designing, and managing an MEP plan for the building’s construction.

Building’s comfort for its creatures depends on the MEP so that’s why it is also known as the backbone of the building.

MEP for Mixed-Use Buildings

Challenges of a Mixed-Used Building:

Mostly mixed-use buildings are constructed in areas with a dense population. This is so because citizens can live nearby their working places allowing them convenience. Mixed-use buildings may offer many benefits but also includes some of the irrational challenges which are mentioned below to elaborate you:

●      Security: a mixed or commercial use building faces a major problem of security as it allows entry of masses. If explained, a customer of a restaurant who should not be allowed access to the residential floor could get easy access which can be restricted by early planning and designing of the mixed-use building.

●      Transfer of Noise: Restricting noise from one area to another area is also the main challenge faced by a mixed-use building. As it would be disturbing for the people there and will be a harm to their comfort level.

●      Disposal of Garbage and Recycling: Restaurants or the retail business which produce a high amount of garbage further produce a foul smell. This smell could be annoying for the guests and also this could be reduced if the dumpster is far away from the site.

Mixed-use buildings in California and Los Angeles further face many challenges such as parking, limitation of space, increase in pollution, etc. For us, every project is unique, so our team of MEP and civil engineers eliminate these threats by prior planning and designing process before starting construction.

MEP for Mixed-Use Buildings

Integral MEP Design for More Benefits:

In places like California and Los Angeles, InnoDez understands the plan requirement of the clients, and hence our MEP engineers combine with other building systems and then design the best-suited MEP design for the mixed-use buildings and apartments. If the MEP plan is designed independently then it increases the cost including costly equipment, location issues, and other compatibility issues.

These issues can be reduced by working with our MEP engineers which give you the cost-efficient design and plan to be executed for your mixed-use buildings or commercial buildings.

Supplementary Benefits of an MEP Design Firm:

●      HVAC: Our MEP engineers provide you with the best energy-efficient and environment-friendly MEP design in California and Los Angeles. This further includes improved comfort for the building occupants and improved indoor air quality.

●      Lighting: MEP engineers can design light systems and automation techniques to reduce the loss of light energy. Installation of the solar panel and smart sensors to sense the optimum use of light.

●      Plumbing: Water conservation is another main role of an MEP engineer. Our highly skilled and trained engineers provide you with the best plan for water conservation, fire suppression techniques, rainwater harvesting methods, and most importantly drinking water.

MEP engineers further indulge in providing energy-efficient plans also including green and smart building techniques.

Our MEP engineers are the best qualified and skilled. Being a California and Los Angeles-based company, we know the requirements of our client and hence we work accordingly and also provide you with the cost-efficient MEP design for your commercial, mixed-use buildings, and apartments.

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