Interior design is the skill or the profession of augmenting the interior of a building to attain an improved and aesthetically attractive atmosphere for the occupant using the space. An interior designer is a person who plans, explores, manages, makes indoor spaces functional by determining necessities and selecting essential and ornamental items. A dispensary is

Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a process or a smart technique that helps provide insights to construction, designers, engineers, and architecture specialists by utilizing based on the 3D model process. Structural or BIM drawings and illustrations can be designed by the architects to make innovative models. The skilled architects or

In design and building engineering, a floor plan architecture is often referred to as a drawing that shows the connection between spaces, traffic designs, rooms, and other physical characteristics of a structure. It indicates a top-level view of a structure that is used for scaling purposes. Dimensions are typically drawn

Commercial architecture can be easily explained as the architecture focused only on buildings and spaces that are used for commercial purposes. These spaces include:  OfficesRetail outletsStoreroomsMeeting rooms, etc. How does commercial architecture differ from other types? In many types of architecture, the basic processes seem the same. All types of