A schematic design is the initial stage of elementary services for the design of the construction project. At this stage, the design expert describes the project in three-dimensional (3-D) form. In California, the architect uses a wide variety of alternative design plans are explored to describe the character of the

An as-built drawing is an updated drawing created by a contractor after completed the construction project. Development projects are quite confusing, with numerous moving parts that should adjust accurately for the final product to transpire as planned. During the construction process, problems unavoidably emerge, and the qualified contractors prove their

A master plan design can be defined as an effective long-term planning document that offers a conceptual design plan to monitor future development and progress. The master plan is about creating links between building structures, social environments, and their surrounding settings. A master plan incorporates analysis, endorsements, proposals, and approvals

A roof plan is a graphical representation or a scaled drawing of a planned roof construction containing dimensions and measurements of the whole roof structure, including plan, size, extent, shape, design, and positioning all materials, for instance, drainage, valleys, heating and ventilation, slopes, and many more. It is considered as

3D Rendering Architecture is the process of transforming the information from three-dimensional (3D) drawings or models into a 2-dimensional image of an intended architectural design. The chief objective of 3D rendering architecture is to demonstrate realistic experiences of how a building or structure will look like before the construction. Modern

The reinforced concrete building design is usually used for construction purposes on a large scale, for instance, high-rise buildings or skyscrapers. The compact and tensile strength of reinforced concrete means it can hold out the weight of a house being constructed upon it, and the pressure exerted by the weight