Introduction  Traditionally, office spaces comprise private offices around the building’s perimeter, with cubicles at the center. But, in recent years, corporate office spaces have been shifting away from that culture. Instead, modern offices have an open plan layout. This design is intended to allow more natural light into the building,

Introduction  The state of California recently passed new energy policies that incentivize building electrification. Simply put, these codes encourage the use of efficient heating & cooling systems and electrical design in California homes. This move can lead to a significant decrease in the use of natural gas and fossil fuels

Introduction  A land survey is an important tool for determining the features and locations of property lines in your lot. That way, you can easily know where your lot ends, and your neighbor’s property begins. More importantly, land surveys have led to a significant decrease in property disputes.  In this

Introduction  Stormwater runoff refers to the water from snowmelt or rainfall that flows over land. Generally, it includes runoff from natural drainage and storm drains serving residential, commercial, recreational, agricultural, industrial, and undeveloped lands. If uncontrolled, this water can cause erosion, pollution, and flooding problems.  This is where stormwater management

Introduction  As you’d have guessed, hydrology has something to do with water. Besides, ‘hydro’ is a Greek word that refers to water. With that in mind, water is an important resource, since it’s essential for supporting life on earth.  However, it plays a crucial role in civil engineering as well.