Introduction  HVAC systems provide thermal comfort and maintain good indoor air quality via sufficient ventilation. More importantly, the quality of a classroom’s environment will affect the quality of the students’ education. For those reasons, architects, design engineers, equipment manufacturers, and school officials must strive to provide the best MEP design

Introduction  Keeping commercial spaces comfortable in California can be quite costly, especially if the building still uses traditional HVAC equipment. Luckily, various modern heating & cooling options have proved to be very energy efficient. One such option is the installation of a VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) HVAC system.  This ductless

Introduction Schools and other learning facilities depend on quality HVAC units to stay functional and comfortable during each term. Unfortunately, in areas like California, the weather tends to vary greatly each season. For that reason, it’s good to ensure that every school in the state has an efficiently-running HVAC system. 

Introduction  Churches have unique heating, air conditioning, and cooling needs than other commercial installations. This is because they have large spaces with various patterns ranging from small services to packed congregations. Also, the church design may include large windows with large swaths of stained glass, which presents unique challenges as