Introduction  Commercial real estate development is the construction of commercial buildings that are later leased out to 3rd parties. This includes; office buildings, industrial facilities, retail centers, and any other commercially oriented property. For instance, condo and multifamily apartment building projects are also considered commercial real estate development.  One challenge

Introduction  If you’re renovating an existing restaurant or setting up one for the first time, you’ll certainly need a commercial kitchen hood. This is because a commercial hood system is an important part of kitchen ventilation. Thanks to its ability to exhaust smoke, humidity, heat, cooking odors as well as

Introduction  Most restaurants in California release FOG (fat, oil, and grease) directly into the sewerage system. As a result, the sewerage system may experience blockage over time because of the grease that sticks to pipe walls. Moreover, oils and fats damage wastewater treatment equipment, thus costing municipalities a lot of

Introduction Pre-engineered metal buildings or MBS (Metal building systems) refers to proprietary structures that are manufactured and designed by their suppliers. Surprisingly, these structures are very popular in the USA. Moreover, they account for a significant proportion of low-rise non-residential structures in the country.  However, unlike the metal building systems,