Introduction  Today, designers and architects can easily see what a hotel project will look like in 3d, thanks to advancements in software technology. Besides, these 3D drawings allow designers to demonstrate to the client what the proposal will look like upon completion. Interestingly, this technology can also be used by

Introduction  HVAC systems for hotels maintain desirable air circulation, temperatures, and humidity for guests, employees, and hotel patrons. According to hoteliers, the energy use of hotel guestrooms is about 40 – 80% of the total building energy consumption. Most of this energy is responsible for heating and cooling the guestrooms. 

Introduction  Churches and other places of worship require HVAC systems that increase comfort, energy efficiency and ensure quiet operation. Unfortunately, churches have large open spaces and unique architectural surroundings. This makes creating a comfortable indoor environment for such spaces more difficult.  Nonetheless, you can still create the perfect MEP design

Introduction  Hospitality facilities such as resorts and hotels consist of various spaces. This includes; guest rooms, SPA, swimming pools, ballrooms, central kitchen, lobby, and so on. Each of these areas requires a specific Mechanical Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) system to help them meet their functions.  Therefore, MEP design for hospitality