Introduction Forced-air HVAC systems are still the predominant technique of cooling and heating commercial buildings in the US. However, radiant heating & cooling systems are emerging as part of high-performance buildings.  For starters, radiant systems transfer energy through a surface that contains piping with cooled/ warmed water or a mix

Introduction  An average homeowner in the US spends around 45% of the total utility bills heating occupied spaces within their home. So, if you’re planning to start a remodeling project or build a new house, heating is one of the most important factors you need to consider.  In that regard,

Radiant floor heating is becoming an increasingly popular trend in the US, both for retrofit and new projects. Unfortunately, many homeowners are yet to understand what floor heating entails. How do these HVAC systems work? What is the right radiant heating system for your home?  If those are some of

Most HVAC design professionals are very familiar with the basics of radiant floor heating and how these systems work. Besides, many contractors and engineers are advocating for these systems due to their efficiency, quiet operation, and comfortability.  Surprisingly, some of these HVAC contractors and engineers have no idea about how