As the number of vehicles continues to increase exponentially around the globe, the need to house them near destinations is creating a design challenge. Besides, a parking lot or facility must provide for efficient and safe passage of the driver and the vehicle. Unfortunately, this is a complex challenge since

Enclosed parking garage structures are specifically designed for the storage of automobiles, especially in dense urban settings. More notably, these facilities have openings along 40% of their perimeter. For that, they still need mechanical ventilation to remove smoke in case of a fire accident and control pollutants produced during normal

Hotel HVAC design plays an important role in ensuring the comfort of guests, particularly in high-end hotels. Moreover, most hotel guests enjoy the ability to control both temperature and ventilation in their rooms. This improves their experience at the hotel as they can enjoy a constant supply of fresh air

When planning to construct a new commercial building or residential multi-dwelling unit, it’s important to ensure that design plans adhere to local building codes & ordinances. Also, you have to ensure that the design of every component including plumbing and electrical wiring is done within certain specifications. For that, MEP