Introduction Retail facilities use 5 times more energy per sq. ft. than any other commercial space. This is because they depend on HVAC systems to operate successfully. Besides, the HVAC design for retails is considered complex. This is because they house a mix of unique applications under one roof. And

Introduction Traditionally, office spaces included a ring of offices around space’s perimeter. Cubical farms then occupied the center. However, in recent years, these spaces have transformed. Nowadays, most firms have adopted an open office layout. Eliminating perimeter offices increases the amount of natural room entering the building. Also, workspaces are

Introduction IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) refers to the quality of air around and within buildings. It plays an important role in HVAC design. More importantly, it determines the comfort and health of the occupants. For this, it’s good to increase the rate at which outdoor comes into the building. It