A bathroom remodeling project can be both complicated and challenging, but once you’ve found a reliable contractor and come up with the final design you’re done. If you were looking for bathroom remodeling tips, you are in the right place!

Keep reading, and we will share some helpful tips that can save you money on your project and help you to pick the right contractor!

Plan Out Your Goal by Shopping Around First

The first step in any project is conducting research. Instead of relying solely on the design or designs that the contractor comes up with, it’s a good idea to check with nearby showrooms that sell bathroom supplies first. You will want to shop for various shower types, tap types, and tubs, (if applicable) and make up your mind regarding what style components will be needed to make your bathroom renovating project come to life. Once you get an idea of what you will be working with, contact your contractor to get an estimate for the job.

Do Some More Research Before Finalizing the Project

There’s never any harm in asking for opinions from neighbors, friends, or family before starting on a project. You may come across someone with some relevant construction experience that will be able to give you some helpful tips. Read contractor reviews first, and then ask the contractor about their experience, their quality of service, and any guarantees that they offer on work done by the contractor.

The fee charged to complete your project may differ between contractors depending on the amount of work required, the location of the project, the time involved to complete your project, etc, so keep these factors in mind and go with a qualified professional that you trust to complete your bathroom remodeling project.

Setting a Budget

Remodeling a bathroom is a very challenging task that can bring with it many hidden costs and snags on the way that you may have never expected. For that reason, you need to set your budget beforehand to accommodate these costs, in case that, they do arise.

Select your accessories according to your set budget, and be aware that contractor fees, plumber or electrician fees, and any delivery charges will all be included in your remodeling project. Another thing to be alert to is that all of your expenses may not be covered in the initial contract, and there may be some additional expenses that you end up coming out of pocket for.

Ask About Insurance and Bonding!

Insurance and bonding are often issues that get overlooked by people when hiring a contractor, which is ironic because if something happens, those two things are the last two things that you want to have forgotten to ask about beforehand.

Rule of thumb: It’s always better to be on the safe side and just ask your contractor. A bathroom remodeling contractor that is legitimate will be proud to share his licensing and bonding information with you. Also, ask them if you can verify the validity of the licensing because some contractors will lie to you and even fake documents.

Make certain that they have certificates from legal government associations, like the National Kitchen and Bath Association, for example.

Get it in Writing!

Always get the final deal in writing before making a decision, so that you can closely examine the contract to make sure it is legal and that your project plan is clearly defined from start to finish. Your written up project plan should define the entire project plan, complete budget, a include a change-order clause (in case any problems arise during the work period), and a clearly defined warranty period. Getting all of these details in writing will serve as proof in the future in the case that a conflict arises between you and your contractor.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips – Money Saving Tips and Contractor Talk – Final Thoughts

We hope that these bathroom remodeling tips will help you out when it comes time to pick a contractor to work with on your project. In the end, go with someone that you feel that you can trust, and try to find a reliable contractor for your project that has built a reputation already for being reliable.

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