Back Porch Designs & Ideas for Small Homes

Back porches provide an ideal gathering spot. Especially for gazing at the starts, hosting a BBQ and watching a sunset. Luckily, creating the perfect outdoor spot for a small house is easier than you might think. Now, let go through some basics of Back Porch Designs & Ideas.

Types of porches

There are several types of back porches. But, how do you determine the right type of porch for your house? To determine the perfect porch for your home, consider the architecture of your house. Search for pictures of houses with a similar design to your house. And look for kind of porches that complements your home’s style.

A porch can either be level or raised from the rest of the yard. Also, you can use different materials, such as stone, wood, tile or concrete, to construct a porch. If you decide to build a raised porch, plan to include stairs. And consider the aesthetics and safety of the railings. Also, adding motion sensor lights to the plan will increase the safety of your house.

Besides motion lighting, consider the lighting that the new addition might block. For instance, ensure that it won’t prevent sunlight from entering your living room. Or even the kitchen. This might help you determine the type of porch to build. , it will help you determine if you’ll forgo the covering. The most common types of back porches include:

Back Porch Designs & Ideas for Small Homes

Curtained wood porches

All wooden decks do not have to be large. And the intimate space might be small. But, bright pillows, privacy curtain/well-placed furniture will make it feel comfortable. Use curtains instead of permanent walls. This is because curtains make it easy to increase the space. You only need to open your curtain and embrace the other part of the yard. Additionally, this provides the same feel as a pergola.

Stone paver porches

If your lot is excellent, consider turning some of the current yard space. Instead of constructing the raised porch. Replace glass with stone paves. This will result in a welcoming space.

Start by laying out the porch design. This will enable you to determine the pattern to install in advance. Use paper to support ever paver. After laying out the stones, looking for beautiful chairs and tables. And add fragrance and color with potted herbs and plants. Also, finish the porch with outdoor candles or string lights.

White Back Porches

These types of back porches create the semblance of space by adding a neutral and white palette. An outdoor rug and white paint give the space a constant feel. Keep the décor to the least by adding potted plants. This prevents a small space from crowding or cramping.

Private Backyard bench

This stylish porch uses an inbuilt bench to maximize space. You can transform one barrier of your porch into a comfortable sitting place. This will drop the need of bringing chairs on the porch. Thus, you’ll be able to maximize the use of tight outdoor space.

Pergola extra room

You can create an extra room in your backyard by adding a pergola. You can build the pergola on a rock foundation/ paver. Or, raise your pergola and deck. If you don’t raise the pergola, you’ll not have to add a railing and stairs.

A pergola is ideal for establishing your outdoor space. Additionally, it’s well-structured and feels like a room. Add overhead lighting and drapes. This will encourage guests to spend more time on the porch after the sunset.


Different homes have different limits and size for outdoor spaces. But, regardless of the limits of size, you can build a back porch on any home. Especially, since there are several great options for creating a back porch And Now, When COVID-19, finally crashed down on us and based on many reasons families must stay home as much as possible, it’s time to Prepare Your Back porch design for The First Summer in Quarantine.

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