To meet building codes, fire sprinklers are a necessary part of construction projects in many states. Utilizing an automatic fire sprinkler system brings many benefits in the long run, in addition to fire protection. Building owners may be eligible for reduced insurance premiums thanks to automatic sprinklers, and commercial spaces for rent become more attractive for tenants due to the added fire protection.
Although depending on the occupancy classification of a building, automatic sprinklers may be mandatory or optional, fire protection professionals strongly suggest installing them in either case.

It will be less expensive to install Automatic sprinkler systems in new constructions, since there are no minor demolishing or removing costs associated.

  • On the other hand, a sprinkler installation in an existing property is disruptive for walls and ceilings, but it can be included with a major renovation to minimize the impact.
  • Fire sprinkler installation can also be combined with building system upgrades to minimize disruption.
Why Insurance Companies Like Fire Sprinklers?

Why Insurance Companies Like Fire Sprinklers?

Insurance companies benefit from payback in claims less then what they are charging. Automatic sprinklers lead to much lower insurance claims because they extinguish the fire when the damage is minimal. Having clients with sprinklers in their buildings is in the best interest of insurance companies. To promote for automatic fire sprinklers, insurance companies give much lower premiums for buildings equipped with them.

The higher upfront costs of installing an automatic sprinkler system will be fully compensated in a relatively short period of time, through reduced insurance payments during the service life of a building. On the other hand, insurance companies charge more in cases that fire sprinklers are optional and the project owner decides not to use them.

Contrary to popular belief, a fire sprinkler system does not shower the entire building interior as shown in the movies. Automatic sprinklers respond separately only releasing water directly on the fire, avoiding any water damage in unaffected areas. Sprinklers respond directly to heat, and not smoke as depicted in movies and TV series. The sprinkler systems found in offices and other commercial locations are designed for localized action, and will not release water over unaffected areas.

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Automatic fire Sprinkler system will help you to Market your property

Lower rental rates make commercial spaces more attractive for tenants, but developers can also provide added value. Most tenants will give a higher preference to fire safety as well as energy efficiency factors. Even if all other factors are equal, a building with sprinklers will be preferred over an unprotected one, especially when tenants bring in their staff and assets. Tenants if it comes with increased fire protection and other benefits.

In case of a major fire, inadequate fire protection can be a base for legal action from tenants against developers. These liabilities if added to the reparation costs considerably increases the financial impact of a fire event. An uncontrolled fire can have human consequences like major injuries and casualties.


In addition to providing effective fire protection, automatic sprinklers:

  • Make buildings eligible for reduced insurance premiums.
  • Provide marketing advantage when commercial spaces are developed for rent, by attracting tenants who are concerned with fire safety.
  • However, when the layout is poorly planned an automatic sprinkler system can have high-cost effects. A professional assessment from fire protection experts will greatly decrease fire sprinkler installation costs. They can determine the most suitable type of sprinkler head, as well as the optional layout for full coverage.
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  1. It really stood out to me when you explained that fire sprinklers are an important component for meeting building codes. It seems like an automated fire sprinkler system would greatly increase the safety of a building. People would feel much more comfortable working in a building that has fire sprinklers.

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