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Project Description:
A client with a special interest in environmental conservation and utilizing new technologies, reached out to InnoDez with a Building Plan Set project for 2-story SFR, Single Family Residence to be constructed with GigaCrete.

Building Plan Set – Role:
InnoDez was tasked to prepare a plan set for a 2-story house utilizing GigaCrete, the environmental-friendly technology. To fulfill the task InnoDez engineering team had to familiarize with technical specifications and benefits of GigaCrete to optimize the final design per the all local codes and client request and requirement. InnoDez completed Architectural, structural analysis and design calculations for this project.
We worked closely with our client to develop a design that satisfies his requirements.

Building Plan Set – Challenges:

The main challenge encountered in this project was all the innovative technology that had to be diligently examined to be fully in compliance with the current codes and standards.

Any time you choose an architect to develop your new home design, the drawing will undergo a series of prominent steps in building design process From site analysis, through to the construction phase, your home will evolve more and more through each step of the process.
Here are the most prominent steps in the home building design process:(Read More)
Make sure to hire an experienced and certified professional to assist you in the process of your building Plan Set to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Find Full Drawing Below

      Architectural Plans (Gigacrete) 602 9th St. Richmond
     Structural Plans (Gigacrete) 602 9th St. Richmond
     Structural Analysis-and Design Report (Gigacrete)

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