Dispensary Design
Project Description:

InnoDez provided Its full support in the application phase for a dispensary facility so the client has received the required documents as soon as he needed it. Our main challenge in this Dispensary License was the tight time frame and the tight competition.

Obtaining a Dispensary License:

For most firms applying for a Business, License is the first step for exploring the cannabis industry, especially in a Dispensary License. In most cases, the competition is very tense as the anticipated number of award licenses is usually a fraction of the market demand and the number of firms prepared to participate.
Although there are differences in applications from locality to locality, based on our experience certain salient items appear in most applications.

Based on the guidelines, in most applications, to ensure the highest scores, there are items have considerable weight in the ranking.

Those items are the following:

a) A proposed site plans
b) A proposed floor plan which includes the layout and estimated square footage of the predicted facility,
c) A description of the proposed security devices
d) A proposed Air system plan
e) Signages of the proposed facility

All those to what to apply must gear up for a tight competition. We hope that these tips could have helped you plan more wisely. Allow us to team with you early in the game. InnoDez has experience providing support in the application phase in different states nationwide (30 states) for different cannabis-related facilities, starting with Grow/cultivation facilities, processing, and extraction labs as well as distribution and dispensary facilities.

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